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School Events

Help make your kid's school years unforgettable!



Learning is Fun with The Love & Peace Project!

Extracurricular Activities, Key Club Programs, PTA/PTO Support, Fundraisers, Special Events, Craft Fairs, In-classroom Programs, Institutions




Raise Funds and Your School Spirit

Schools provide a nurturing environment for kids, and those learning years are the most important time in someone's life. Let's give our children a positive school experience, so they can thrive!

Your school may choose to set a good example with activities from the Love & Peace Project - activities that encourage/emphasize/evoke friendship, tolerance, gratitude, appreciation for cultural diversity.


 Make it special for them, they're eager to learn! (Well, maybe the second "O" guy not so much...)


Each of your school events with the Love & Peace Project gets a separate page with select, permission-only photos. This can serve as a "Brag Book" for your school.

Your students, their friends and families can look up the activities and reminisce long after they've graduated. Even years from now, taking pride in their school.



From here...

to here...

to there!


Schools bear significance in every person's life. Let's make it memorable and wholesome!


What we can do for your students and your school:

A.) Fundraisers

The easy way! Because you get a plan that's custom designed to fit your specific need. Without having to lay out money, but reaping the rewards.

Let us propose a program that will give you the best possible results and flexibility.

B.) Gift Shopping Events

As a stand alone event, or as a supplement to your special school events, galas, PTA/PTO dinner nights, craft fairs or luncheons.

We'll provide appropriate merchandise on a consignment agreement. Or you may offer select gifts for purchase via ordering.

Just ask for a customized proposal that's in line with your school spirit. Your school receives a generous portion from the sale of the items.

Optional: friendly, knowledgeable representatives of the Love & Peace Project may be on-site. (Where available)

Simply click on "Get more info or schedule yours now" below to discuss your needs.

C.) Classroom Presentations

During each program, we give an introductory talk to illustrate vision, history and future of the Love & Peace Project, geared to each specific age level. Depending on your time allotment, that may be only a few sentences for a short duration, or we can provide an entire presentation for you.

We may engage your students with information, humor or reflection. They will find themselves to be in the middle of the action, without feeling overwhelmed by it.

Our activities are meaningful and create memories: each student takes home a free souvenir.

D.) Extracurricular Workshops

Something to do for your students while teaching about acceptance, friendship and gratitude. It's free for your teachers, but they may charge a nominal fee which benefits their teaching supply budget.

Depending on the month, they can paint rocks for a Zen Garden, add a house to the Peace Village, share a special prayer on the Chain of Prayers, or participate in any of the other Signature Activities. Suits all ages or abilities because it's easy and fun.

Each student receives a collectible Souvenir Certificate. Best of all: it's totally FREE! (where available)

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Guaranteed FUN!


Each month has a specific theme with a different activity

That way, your guests can participate at various times during the year, and experience something new each time. Find an overview of all themes here:


(Clicking on a link below will open a new window for you)

Month Event It's About... Exhibit
January Rockin' A New Beginning Setting goals for the year Zen Garden
February Love To The World! Reaching out to foreigners Flag Planet
March Coming Home... A positive home environment Peace Village
April Shine Baby, shine! Your role models Starry Sky
May Purple Power Worship and reflection Chain of Prayers
June Family First Honoring family Family Tree
July Summer of Love, Peace & Beads Recognition, tolerance, unity The Necklace
August Ancient Wisdom Uncovered Wisdom and inspiration Book of Quotes
September Fall Into Forgiveness Forgiveness Bear Forest
October Rich Soil - Golden Harvest Children and grandkids The Vineyard
November Say Thanks! Gratitude Wall of Thanks
December Gems and Treasures Forever The value of good friends Friendship Tree


Each month has a different activity for your guests


Your get-togethers are more special with the Love & Peace Project

And they're free, where available.

Rest assured that your guests will be in good hands. Our consuls are trained to be friendly, courteous and professional. And we embrace all ages, religious or political views, gender, race or ethnicity.

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"Praise makes them grow, scolding makes them wilt."

Your life is a garden.

Your children are the flowers in it. If you want them to bloom, you need to learn about their proper care.

A good gardener knows how to make each plant thrive. Providing the right amount of water, sun or shade, the type of soil, the specific fertilizer. Some blossoms may have fragile petals that can't handle extreme weather.

Tend to your garden wisely, and the flowers will make your garden beautiful!

- Ingrid Webster

STOP verbal and emotional abuse!


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Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



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