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The Vision


Spreading love - promoting kindness

Next to our planet Earth and its preservation of all nature, each and every human being should stand at the forefront of our concern. It must be our greatest priority to live a life of humanity and care for others.

An advanced, healthy society has the obligation to maintain a status of love and peace. And that's just the pragmatic side. Because continuing violence and ignorance will result in a decadent human race that's headed nowhere.



Alas, our world seems to be spinning faster each day. Daily, the news are filled with sensations revolving around war, greed, crime, and the worship of superficial values.

This can't be all that we humans have to show for, right?

And it isn't.

There is an abundance of kindness out there. Often, it's just difficult for individuals to show it in the right way. Or, people may be so involved in their own lives, their daily struggles, that they don't even realize what they could do better.

Sometimes, doesn't that apply to all of us?

That's why it is important to recognize those individuals who go out of their way to make a difference. By jumping in and doing the right thing, they set an example for present and future humans.

Perhaps, the rest of us just need a little inspiration, a little encouragement.

A little love.



There is plenty of genuine love out there for everybody, including you. Please share that love:

               Submit people and their good deeds to the BM Initiative. Let's put them in a place where they can be a catalyst for more acts of kindness. Where they can be an inspiration to countless others.

               Nominate someone for the Heart & Dove Awards and Love & Peace Hall of Fame.

               Participate in the monthly Signature Events.

               Dedicate beads on the Neverending Necklace: it honors people, and it preserves fond memories of others. When you add beads, you also help charities make the world a better place: once a business sponsors your dedicated beads, 100% of that money goes to wonderful organizations with a humanitarian cause.

Explore what the Love & Peace Project is all about. Go out and spread love, help someone in need, be there for emotional support. Recognize, honor, remember and thank those who are dear to you.

That way, you become a stepping stone on the road to peace. It's those tiny gestures that count.


Establishing the Love, Peace & Beads Museum

The ultimate goal for the Love & Peace Project is the future museum.

It combines all the monthly projects, the Love & Peace Hall of Fame, beads and bead jewelry as well as history. It is also the place to find calmness and joy, beauty and reflection. It celebrates outstanding individuals who have displayed selfless love for other people.

The museum will be a place for education, entertainment and inspiration.


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What's Happening  |  Love & Peace Hall of Fame  |   The Neverending Necklace  |  BM Initiative  |  Gift Shop

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