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Participate and be a huge part of the excitement!


Summer of Love, Peace & Beads

Calling all humans to give peace another chance!


Grab your share of foot traffic when the hunt begins...

July 1 - 31, 2018


 Scroll down for all your perks


Get more people into your business. Guaranteed.*

During the entire month of July, a surge of people will come to select businesses and dedicate beads to people they love. These beads are added to the World's Longest Necklace to create one enormously long string of beads, which will be displayed in the future museum.

It's a free activity that gets people through your door.

After dedicating beads, all participants receive a free collectible souvenir certificate, uniquely designed for your business and with your business name on it. They also may be entered in a contest for prizes, which encourages them to visit as many participating businesses as they can during that month.


Nowhere else can you be guaranteed that people will search out your store

Your business will be recognized as a participant for years to come

Reconnect with existing customers and attract a new audience

Allow your business to become a positive leader in your community


Host the beads at your business - we'll do the rest

The incentive will be widely promoted through different media: radio, brochures, press releases, emails, in social networks and during other events.


Your bead station comes with everything:

bin with beads

registration forms

pens, zippy bags

custom certificates

display material

It's compact, too: one square foot of space is all it takes


You get all that visibility and foot traffic for an entire month!


Please note: you do not need to purchase a sponsor package to qualify for your free bead station. Special sponsor prices valid only if you're also hosting a bead station. All other businesses, see "Display Ads" >>







Complete Bead Station

plus unique Souvenir Certificates for participants

Listing as a participating business   

on this site and on the App (map included)

Your logo on the listing and in the Sponsor Directory  
Display ad on the event page

(see example below)

Your logo on the official event brochures

Deadline 6/10

Your logo on all Souvenir Certificates

(goes to all participants)

Deadline 6/10


Add-ons, additional stations at special rate and customized Corporate Sponsorship available. Please inquire here >>


This is to showcase your business.

We just give you an audience.


But wait - there's more...

Participants who come into your store can win prizes. So can you!

 There are prizes to be won:

Category 1: For business with the most dedications during this event

Category 2: For most individual persons choosing beads at your location

Category 3: For best photo of your business with employees and people choosing beads

(see prizes and contest rules on bottom of page)


Enter a Coupon Code - get a FREE display ad (164 x 82 pt) a $140 value!

Don't have a Coupon Code? Get it here >>> (opens a new window)


Get more traffic:

Which Package?
Enter your Coupon Code here:


*Money-back Guarantee:

(applies to Premium and up)

We are so confident that this event will bring in additional traffic for you, that we are backing our offer with a money-back guarantee.

Should you not receive a single dedication while you're hosting a bead station, we will refund your money in full. (Must have the bead station on display during the entire month of February)

This money-back guarantee applies only to businesses that typically derive their sales from customers coming to their locations. In other words: if you own a sales or service business operating from your home, a warehouse or similar setting where foot traffic is not expected and part of your regular occurrence, this warranty is not valid.

Please note: bead stations and accompanying material is on loan to you, and remains property of the Love & Peace Project, LLC. After the end of the promotion, we'll pick up all kits together with the dedications from your visitors.

Dedications and images will be uploaded after the bead stations have been picked up.



Need design work? Check these out:



Prizes and Contest Rules:


Contest is open to all participating businesses. You will be automatically entered, once you display the bead stations and collateral material in your place of business.

To qualify for the contest, your visitors may dedicate as many beads as they wish, up to ten at a time.

Email us your pictures, including your full name, where and when they were taken. Click here >>>

By emailing us your picture(s), you give us permission to share these on this website and/or on the facebook event page. Proper credit will be given, provided we have your information.

Winning pictures will be chosen based on overall composition and/or creativity.

In case of multiple winning entries per category, the winners shall be determined by a random drawing of all qualifying entries.

Privacy Statement:

We don't like spam either, and we will never share your email address with third parties. You won't receive our email newsletters, unless you have given us permission to send them to you.


Genuine, hand knotted extra large Freshwater Pearls and Grand Prize Award Plaque


Prizes for business owners/managers:

Each winner receives a beautiful commemorative plaque. Grand Prize winners also win an 18" hand-knotted, genuine pearl necklace (a $250 value).

Category 1: One Grand Prize, One First Prize, One Second Prize, One Third Prize

Category 2: One Grand Prize, One First Prize, One Second Prize, One Third Prize

Category 3: One Grand Prize, One First Prize, One Second Prize, One Third Prize


Prizes may be subject to change. They may be substituted for prizes of equal or greater value.

List of Winners:

Winners will be notified on or before September 15, 2017. Prizes are made available after Saturday, September 30, 2017 for pickup. Location TBA, stay posted for more info.

For a list of winners, please see: Winners >>






Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



Add Beads

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