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The Neverending Necklace

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Inside Our Studio

Images and stories from our work desk


There's always more than meets the eye...


Ocean Themed Necklace

A love affair with the sea, design by Ingrid Webster


Sterling Silver, Arizona Turquoise, Red Coral


Clasp with turtle


Contemporary fun



A Place To String: Make it Yours!

Just because a fellow bead stringer boasted that she strings while traveling on an air plane, doesn't mean that you don't need a considerable area to do your job well. Sure, I have had my half-a-square-foot moments, but fortunately these are the exception.

Even when working with parts that seem insignificant in size, you still want to have a dedicated area that's clutter free, well lit and of a generous size.

Your work area is super important.

Surface matters: use one of these Vellux® mats, they're perfect! I glue mine onto a piece of rubbery shelf liner, so it won't slide around while working. Also make sure that the working surface is clean (!), level and stable. Nothing worse than beads rolling off and away...

Yes, you can do your projects on a kitchen counter or dining room table, when you're stringing for pleasure. But don't even think about it, if you decide to turn pro.

Safety - pointy things and sharp tools can be a hazard when in clutter

Efficiency - you don't want to keep spending time searching for parts

Scalability - where to go when you grow?

Accessibility - imagine you need to hire help

Aesthetics - don't you rather want to be in a pretty place?

Sanity ;-) - elbow room is good for your soul


The importance of allowing yourself to spread your wings can't be emphasized enough. So now perhaps, my husband can appreciate my opposition when he proposed we live on a boat...

- Ingrid Webster


Maasai Wedding Necklace

Repair: When string gets brittle...


First order: disentangle!


Figuring the lay of the land


Identifying the culprit: string that disintegrates when you touch it


Turning chaos into organization


Close up of the most critical connection between loose strands and neck piece


It pays to stay focused here...


Successful connection


A pretty big job, if you ask



Pearl Choker with Stations

Repair job: yes, they're freshwater pearls


A recent design that's cute, but failed in its performance


Adorable and clever design by the Asian manufacturer


The better half


Close up of station


Here you can really see the three dimensional property of the station



CertifiCards in the Raw

Exclusive designs: where they get their start


The concept is ready


A peek at the design area in the studio



Vintage Chinese Necklace

An amazing and breathtaking restoration opportunity


Sometimes, it's just a privilege to work on certain items: the finished piece



Happy Necklace

A donation for a charity auction, design by Ingrid Webster


Copper wire stocked with colorful glass beads



Signature Necklace

The Neverending Necklace as a necklace, design by Ingrid Webster


Dare to be different!


Mix and match any shape, color, size, material. Got the message?


Clasp detail



Goddess Necklace

An octopus technique (you need more than two arms), design by Ingrid Webster


Really pretty, but labor intense


NOT for beginners, please



Blue Lariat

Electric blue freshwater pearls, design by Ingrid Webster


Note: all tassel pearls are individually hand knotted


Wear it as you please, when the mood strikes



Neon Project

Design project: The cruelty of choices...


Pondering the thread color




Or maybe yellow? Still haven't decided, to this day.



Stringing Beads is Fun, They Said

So you wanna be a professional bead stringer?

Get prepared.

Because it's nothing like throwing some beads together as a hobby. Which, by the way, is pretty much true with about anything else.

I'm not saying that I don't thoroughly enjoy it - it just requires so much more than "just" fun. Experience, skill, focus, tenacity and the ability to keep yourself sane, especially during the long and repetitive process of piece work.

Stringing for a profit is also a labor of love. Because there are no short cuts. And if you found any, chances are that you're not doing yourself any good. And worse, that your customers aren't getting what they deserve.

- Ingrid Webster




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