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What's Happening

These are the Signature Events:

Month Event It's About... Exhibit
January Rockin' A New Beginning Setting goals for the year Zen Garden
February Love To The World! Reaching out to foreigners Flag Planet
March Coming Home... A positive home environment Peace Village
April Shine Baby, shine! Your role models Starry Sky
May Purple Power Worship and reflection Chain of Prayers
June Family First Honoring family Family Tree
July Summer of Love, Peace & Beads Recognition, tolerance, unity The Necklace
August Ancient Wisdom Uncovered Wisdom and inspiration Book of Quotes
September Fall Into Forgiveness Forgiveness Bear Forest
October Rich Soil - Golden Harvest Children and grandkids The Vineyard
November Say Thanks! Gratitude Wall of Thanks
December Gems and Treasures Forever The value of good friends Friendship Tree

The Signature Luncheons

Private Events

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Love & Peace Hall of Fame

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Hall of Fame

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Panel of Judges

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The Neverending Necklace

Introduction: how to dedicate beads FREE

See the Entire Necklace

Length of the Necklace as of today

The Journal: all the dedications, listed from the beginning

Memories of those who are loved forever

Share Your Own Memories

Pictures from past events with the Neverending Necklace

 Create meaningful memories - invite the Neverending Necklace to your event

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The Love, Peace and Beads Museum

The Gallery: sections of the Neverending Necklace

Friends of the Neverending Necklace

Contributing Artists

Why use beads: why it makes sense using beads to promote love and peace

The First Mile Club: Membership |  How the panels are made

"Finding Love in all the Right Places" - an uplifting photo gallery

Pearls of Wisdom | Peace Within Yourself | Peace Links

Bead Oracle

Find all your dedications here:

Zen Garden | Flag Planet | Peace Village

Starry Sky | Chain of Prayers | Family Tree

The Necklace | Book of Quotes | Bear Forest

The Vineyard | Wall of Thanks | Friendship Tree

Hall of Fame  | Opposites Attract? | 2-Minute Meditations

Explore the use of beads on all continents:

Africa | The Americas  | Asia | Australia/Pacific | Europe

Info about beads and pearls

Famous Faces: how they're wearing pearls and beads

Why did my necklace break?

Where can I have my beads/pearls restrung professionally?

Learn how to string beads: Online Bead Stringing University

How pearl and bead cord evolved over the years

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BM Initiative

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The Ripley's Cartoon with the Neverending Necklace

Donated beads from Bead Stores/Vendors

Help the Earth and help The Necklace: donate your unwanted frames, fabric or beads

The Panels: Facts and Figures


 It's Your Birthday?

Vibes and Wishes


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What's Happening  Love & Peace Hall of Fame  |   The Neverending Necklace  BM Initiative  |  Gift Shop

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