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Pearl and Bead Stringing Services

Your pearls and beads are in the best hands possible


Pearls are boring!

At least that's what many people think. So they won't bother with their Grandmother's set and leave it in the drawer for a sad, lonely existence.

Hah! We beg to differ! When we repair, restore, redesign or rejuvenate them - you get all the WOW!! ...because nothing will illuminate your face better than a fine strand of pearls.


Our desk is always piled up with repairs, and we like it that way!


A Spa Day for your pearls

What happens after we receive your pearls or beads for repair? All items are recorded in a repair log and photographed in their "as is" condition.

After we determine which treatment they need, they're cut open to release the beads. And if the material allows, they're cleaned in a special, gentle bubble bath.

We select from about 95 different stringing mediums to find the perfect one for the particular job. The repair gets underway, and upon finishing receives a final inspection under direct scrutiny from "the boss".

If everything is done to perfection, your items get our quality seal and then are packaged with loving care to be delivered to you.

Once you unwrap your items, you'll never believe the difference: from the first time you wear them again, they thank you with a lovely, radiant glow. And they will do so for many years to come!

Over the decades and with all the countless pearls and beads, we have NEVER lost a single pearl. That's huge, and we're very proud of it.

FREE pick-up and delivery within Palm Beach County. All others: ship it to us, and we'll return it to you FREE of charge.

For Sales, Repairs and Customer Liaison:

(917) 496 0187

Candice Angelet


Before you have your pearls or beads repaired:

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What people are saying

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Prices for repairs

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Inside our studio

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Where to go, if you wish to be serviced by a local Jeweler:

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A Bit of History:

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Caring for your pearls and beads

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Pearl and Bead Trivia

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Learn to string pearls and beads yourself:

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Trade Work:

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For your peace of mind it is our pleasure to serve you, backed by a full warranty! >>


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