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Signature Activity for January


2nd Annual


"Rockin' A New Beginning"

Cashing in on your promises?


Set your goals for the year: Add Rocks!
January 1 - 31, 2018
'Rockin' A New Beginning' local events take place during January, but you may add rocks anytime you like

Get 15 Reward Points



This Year, Take a Step in the Right Direction!

The fireworks have done their job, and the air is still thick with smoke from celebrating a new year. You may have made some resolutions in advance - perhaps after reflecting on the previous year.

Did you stick to the resolutions you made for last year? If you're like most people, the best intentions dissolve just a few weeks in.

Don't overwhelm yourself with all these noble plans. Focus on a single step instead!

Reflect on the ONE word that will motivate you to make a profound difference in your own life.


 Serenity pure: time to release what holds you back...


A couple of minutes for a huge reward

Just look how easy it is for you: to get closer to your goal, you only have ONE thing to worry about. Not a gazillion. Not even a hundred. Or ten.

And by year's end, your word has turned into a well established habit. Practically in your sleep.


You'll be a different person

Aahhh... the power of self suggestion! It works its way into your subconscious mind, if you focus on a single task, or a particular emotion.

What was missing in your life in the past?

Feed yourself the word that can guide you, - over and over again, until it becomes second nature. Carry it with you and look at it every day. Reflect for just a few seconds, but make sure you see the written word. Do this throughout the entire year, so it can make a positive change inside of you.

Develop long-term thinking for your future: the year after, you choose a different word, and it gets even better. You have a beautiful journey ahead!


Cross the bridge to a better year, a renewed YOU!


How is this connected to the Love & Peace Project?

Imagine a garden with rocks from all over the world. And each holds something personal, something that's very precious to somebody. Making a display of good words, for everybody to take in.

For each word you submit, we paint that word on a stone, pebble or rock. This rock will become a part of the Love & Peace Zen Garden.

You can always paint one yourself at any of the events during January. You may choose a special rock, then paint your guidance word on it. You get to keep it and inspire you all year!


You reap what you sow - you take home what you make


You can visit your rocks online and in person

All rocks that were dedicated during this special incentive will be displayed in the Love, Peace and Beads Museum. Until the museum is ready, you can always see your rocks on this website.

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It's easy and FREE!

Invite others to add theirs:

Share on twitter, facebook or pinterest! Tell your family and friends that you're adding a rock to help reach your goals for the year. Let them know that they can do it too!

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Make the coming year your best ever:

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Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



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