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Signature Activity for October


2nd Annual

New growth is all about roots and nutrients


Celebrate your children and grandkids:  Add Grapes!
October 1 - 31, 2018
'Rich Soil - Golden Harvest' events take place during October, but you may add grapes anytime you like

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This is about your children and their kids

You will say "Why, of course they are the most important people in my life." At the same time, you probably love all of your family near or far, from the past as well as the present. Because they are blood. They made you who you are by default, they gave you a name.

But this is about the offspring.

Reap what you sow

As a parent (or someone who is involved in the upbringing and care of children in any way), you understand the responsibility towards those kids.

The effort you put into any young person's life, will benefit them greatly. And ultimately society as a whole. You should be delighted when remembering this!



You know that it all starts with a good soil that's rich with nutrients


Guess what happens to grapes after the harvest?

The ones that won't be consumed fresh or end up in processed food, will be fermented to become wine.

And just like fine wine of a good vintage, your children's maturing requires many years. Remain patient and keep investing your heart and soul into them!

Provide them with the very best "soil" possible: your own experiences, your emotions, your knowledge.


Oh, the joy!

Once you realize that all your parenting, with the passing along your knowledge and wisdom has made a significant difference, it becomes the greatest reward of all time.

Your kids turned into wonderful adults with the right set of ethics in place.

Even if you don't have children yourself - be everybody's parent! Because you're handling yourself in a positive manner while gifting other people's kids with grace and kindness, you are contributing positive values to our society - even if you're not aware of it.


Very important people? Certainly so.


"Everybody's Children are ALL Our Children"

By now, you must have discovered the idea behind the "Rich Soil" event.

What you contribute to a child's life, will become the fruit of your labor. Sweet grapes, coming from vines that were planted in your rich earth.


Visit the grapes online, and in the museum in the future

Dedicate grapes to your children and grandkids, and your grapes will be added to the "Vineyard". They will inspire others and set a positive example.

All grapes will also be displayed in the future Love, Peace and Beads Museum. Until the museum is ready, you can always visit your virtual grapes on this website.


 Your rich soil, the "Mother Earth"


Pick a grape as a symbol for your love and understanding of your children and grandkids:

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Join us! Invite others through social media:

Share on twitter, facebook, youtube, or email a link email to friends! Tell your family and friends that you are picking symbolic grapes, and how they are a symbol for raising the future generation.

Then ask others to do the same!

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New growth is all about roots and nutrients

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