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 The Neverending Necklace

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Last update: 07/27/2017




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How the Necklace compares to other objects

There are 5,280 feet in one mile. Only 1,896' more to reach the first mile!


...Currently the necklace measures 3,384' 7"!...

  Last length update: 07/27/2017


Just how long is 3,384' ?

When you "meet" the Necklace in person, you see how it's mounted on several panels, often in vertical lines. That is necessary to keep it from tangling, and to keep the beads from getting damaged.

It also enables us to transport the necklace to shows or exhibits. There, the individual panels are connected with "bridges", to make them into one single strand - the world's longest necklace!

We chose this method of display, so you can see each and every bead at any time. But we also understand that it is difficult to visualize the necklace in its entire length. Here's a guide to make it easier:





an average size


Eiffel Tower

in Paris, France


Jumbo Jet

Boeing 747

Length: 18" or 46cm   Height: 1,058 feet or 324m   Length: 231 feet or 70.7m

It takes 2,257 standard bead necklaces to make the Neverending Necklace!


Over three times the height!


Fourteen Jumbos long!


Burj Khalifa Nicolas Lannuzel, Source: Wikipedia


Aircraft Carrier

Average size


Burj Khalifa

Dubai, UAE


Football Field

American Football

Length: 1,092 feet   Height: 2,717 ft.   Length: 100 yards = 300 feet

Over three of these!


The necklace has passed the height of the tallest building in the world!


More than eleven football fields!


Gateway Arch

St. Louis, MO


China Central TV Tower

Beijing, China


Space Needle

Seattle, WA

Height: 630 feet   Height: 1,329 ft.   Height: 605 feet or 184m

Over five times the height!


The necklace is over double the height of this beautiful broadcasting tower.


Nearly six times the height of the Space Needle!



Average size

    Length: 16 feet 1 inch    

You need 207 SUVs, bumper to bumper, to make the length of the Necklace!



Here are some known objects to compare it with:

If it could be dangling from the highest point at the center of the St. Louis Gateway Arch, the Neverending Necklace would reach down to the bottom of the landmark more than five times over. Wow!

It's definitely a very loooong necklace.

But it would be much too long to wear as a necklace for the Statue of Liberty. From her heel to the top of her head she measures 111', so her necklace should be 30.75' long, if compared to an 18" human-size necklace. The Love & Peace Project could provide 107 necklaces (to scale) for her to wear.

That's a lot of different necklaces for her to wear.

If you were standing on the very top of the Space Needle in Seattle holding the necklace, the string of beads would touch the ground and come back up again, down again, up again and down again and then up. Confused yet?

The average length per 10 beads equals about 1 foot. If every person just in Palm Beach County dedicates only one bead that equals 18.94 miles. Impressive, right?

If every person in the United States does the same, it comes to 5,681.8 miles and would stretch the necklace from New York, NY all the way to Los Angeles, CA and back. Wow!

But not to worry, it'll get there. In the meantime, we are quite happy with the way it is now. We are really just starting and there are not enough volunteers yet to help string all these 350 million beads anyway.

See the Football field, we have more than the length of ten already, and we'll be adding many more.

Keep the dedications coming to make the necklace grow!

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"Lost Marbles"

"I Believe I Can Fly"



See the entire necklace >>






Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



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