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Private Events



The Love & Peace Project will come to you!

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 Make it special for them!


How would you like to be known for hosting the BEST parties?

Let's see: you got the DJ booked, you got party favors, food, and a pretty environment. You got a guest list that reads like the "Who Is Who" in your town.

Yet, there's something missing. You just can't put your finger on it.

Guess what it is, that your guests want the most?

Interactive Entertainment!!!  Memories!!!  Something New!!!

Invite the Love & Peace Project to your party and your guests will get exactly that!


Guaranteed FUN!

Your guests are top priority - you have a gazillion options, customized to fill your needs.

How do we do it?

During each event, we give an optional introductory talk. Depending on your event, that may be only a couple of sentences. Or we can provide an entire program presentation for you.

We may engage your guests with information, humor or reflection. They will find themselves to be in the middle of the action, without feeling overwhelmed by it. (Keep scrolling to learn more about the different activities.)

Our activities are meaningful and create memories: each participant takes home a free souvenir.

They'll love you for it.

And rest assured that we are embracing all faith, politics, gender and race or ethnicity. Your guests will be in good hands.

Because it won't cost you a penny and you can always use more entertainment, you may always choose to schedule your party around a shopping experience. We have gifts that fit in with love and peace. It's your choice - and you may even get tons of gifts for yourself...

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Fun and leisure or serenity and reflection - you can have it your way


Your NPO may schedule a fundraiser with the Love & Peace Project!

You may plan a stand alone fundraiser, or you may invite us to participate in your event, where we provide appropriate merchandise on a consignment agreement.

Simply click on "Schedule yours now" below to discuss your needs:

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You want them to come back, right? They will.


What makes you a better promoter?

Give them something meaningful - something to remember your event forever.

Something that makes THEM feel special:

Each participating visitor receives a free souvenir.

 Make it better!

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Families and Work:

Enrich your Home or Office Parties, Team Building Activities, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Retirement, Special Events, Family Reunions

Clubs & Associations:

Invite us to participate in Program Talks, Lectures, Mini Seminars, Fundraisers, Social Functions, Holiday Luncheons, Summer Camp


Your kids will enjoy Extracurricular Activities, Key Club Programs, PTA/PTO Support, Fundraisers, Special Events, Craft Fairs with the Love & Peace Project

Churches & Temples:

Offer something meaningful to your members with Inspirational Presentations, Fundraisers, Parish or Community Awareness, Church Promotions, Annual Events

Non-Profit Organizations:

We can help your organization with Promotions, Awareness Campaigns, Fundraisers, Community Outreach, Awards, Public Relations, Gala Events

Event Promoters:

Talk to us about your Special Events, Grand Openings, Festivals, Trade Shows, Theme Parks, Shopping Malls, Fairs, Conventions, Sales Events


Each month has a specific theme and a different activity

That way, your guests can participate at different times during the year, and experience something new each time. Find an overview of all themes here:

(Clicking on a link below will open a new window for you)

Month Event It's About... Exhibit
January Rockin' A New Beginning Setting goals for the year Zen Garden
February Love To The World! Reaching out to foreigners Flag Planet
March Coming Home... A positive home environment Peace Village
April Shine Baby, shine! Your role models Starry Sky
May Purple Power Worship and reflection Chain of Prayers
June Family First Honoring family Family Tree
July Summer of Love, Peace & Beads Recognition, tolerance, unity The Necklace
August Ancient Wisdom Uncovered Wisdom and inspiration Book of Quotes
September Fall Into Forgiveness Forgiveness Bear Forest
October Rich Soil - Golden Harvest Children and grandkids The Vineyard
November Say Thanks! Gratitude Wall of Thanks
December Gems and Treasures Forever The value of good friends Friendship Tree


Each month has a different activity for your guests


Best of all: it's FREE! (where available)

Your gatherings will be extra special with the Love & Peace Project!

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