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The Neverending Necklace

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Each One Counts


  ...yes - they all matter, each and every one!  


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About this panel:

Just as it is with people in all of life's various settings, each one of the beads matters. Each bead is part of a section, just as we are part of a segment of society. And each bead representing a dear person helps build the string that makes a panel unique.

Every person has their place within a given area and a particular time. And invariably, every person is important to a great number of others.

For example: you may not know the person who harvested the grain for your bread, but that person contributed to your nourishment. Or you may never have met the worker who stitched together your shirt, or spun the thread, or dyed that fabric. But they are, in a way, a part of your life.

Imagine, if you had to make everything you eat or use...


Each individual matters, but it becomes clearer when you zoom in on them


Why it's special

The Neverending Necklace often participates in public events as an exhibitor. You can probably imagine how busy it can get, especially during the very popular ones.

Still, the volunteers of the Neverending Necklace get to have a chance to chat with some of the visitors. While dedicating beads, people will reveal a bit about their emotions, their loved ones, their own lives. And always, they have something valuable to share. A snippet of their life, a piece of their heart.

So it's never a just mass of people streaming by our booth. It's an opportunity to connect with an individual, recognizing their humanity. All within a sliver of time, but remaining forever.

How a panel is made >

Currently, we are working to make the future Love, Peace and Beads Museum a reality. It will be a place with marvelous exhibits from around the world, and of course the Neverending Necklace.

Until then, you may be able to get up close to the panels during select events. Or see all of them right here, online forever. To find out who dedicated the beads from this section and who they're dedicated to, go to the Love & Peace Journal, starting on page 13 >>


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Beads are simple things: to make a necklace, beads can be arranged in any pattern, using any shape or color. No matter their size, origin or material, the finished necklace always comes out beautiful.

Just as it ought to be with people in a functioning community.

The Neverending Necklace is the very core and spine of the Love & Peace Project. More so than any other symbol, it helps visualize love and compassion we have for others. Accepting and embracing all.



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