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"Little Mermaid"




Sponsored by:

Norman Gitzen





by Norman Gitzen

Metal - Stone - Wood

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● Decorative Blacksmithing, Gates, Light Fixtures etc.

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Little Mermaid


A hand carved Ojime mermaid bead serves as the main attraction on this panel. It is surrounded by colorful wooden beads, as well as bone and glass beads.

The little mermaid - a fabled symbol of beauty. Youthful and with spry elegance, it lives amid a still largely unexplored oceanic environment. There are many stories of myth and fascination with mermaids. Perhaps they arose from a secret desire to become enshrouded by mystery?

But there is no need for fairy tales when it comes to women of our world. All women possess a natural affinity for being somewhat mysterious. And all women are beautiful.

Ojime beads originated in Japan. Always intricately carved, they are worn traditionally on a cord between the inro and netsuke.


To appreciate the finely executed carving, view some detailed pictures by clicking here.

Once these beads have been dedicated, you may go to the Journal to see all dedications from this panel.

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Fairies of the ocean - sweet and pretty, endeared by everybody




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