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"The Art Of Life"




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The Art of Life Gallery & Frame Shop is a full service custom frame shop and art gallery. 

We offer our customers a huge selection of frames, unique matting and archival quality materials.  Our unique services include digitally reproduced images and custom printing onto your matting, hand-painted frames, photo restoration and custom designed motivational posters....Framing from simple to simply extraordinary!

We have a large selection of in-stock art as well as access to most artists' works.  The Art of Life also offers in-house giclee printing for artists from 1 - 100 pieces.



The Art Of Life

This panel was made using tiny pieces of art prints, glass beads, hematite beads and silver end caps. It was created specifically for Dave Friedman and his "Art Of Life" gallery.

The images are from various artists and genres.

Art - why do we need it? Is it just to decorate walls or other empty spaces? What is art, what is not?

Art is meant to inform, inspire, enjoy. It also has an enormous task to fulfill: to foster creativity. Without creativity, even science would be still in its infancy. Art is the driving force behind intelligent life.

To find the dedications on this section go to the Love & Peace Journal, starting on page 31.

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