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Signature Activity for February


4th Annual

Love To The World!

Unleashing a gigantic wave of love...


Reach out to people from foreign countries: Add Flags!
February 1 - 28, 2018
'Love To The World!' events take place during February, but you may add flags anytime you like

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 Dedicate flags to friends from another country!

Surely you have enough friends halfway around the globe, who mean something to you. Or you communicate with total strangers on any of the social media sites.

You've laughed at their funny videos, cried over their stories, liked their pictures and commented on their posts. Now connect through a bond of compassion and goodwill.

Love knows no borders: Dedicate flags to people who are from, or live in other countries!


Our world is home to ALL colors. They make it BEAUTIFUL!


We are humans, we are ONE and the same...

...and we were all born here on this beautiful planet. Each person has something meaningful to give, if only they're allowed to be a part of our so-called "advanced" society.

Prejudice, bigotry, racism and separatist views must give way to love and acceptance. Only then can we grow as a human race, advance to a higher level. The time is ready.

Let's do it!

With YOUR help we'll conquer this. We will figure out how to live together, and in peace. But only if you do your part. Join us: it's easy and FREE.

Cost: just a couple of minutes of your time

There is nothing to pay, no purchase to make. And you may dedicate as many flags as you wish, six at a time. If you have dedicated flags before - dedicate more now, to show your support across the world!


There's room for all humans


What you get:

A FREE collectible Souvenir Certificate is yours after you dedicate a flag. (Just follow the easy directions to get it right away from your desk top printer)

When will the event happen?

This is a special worldwide incentive throughout February. You may dedicate flags at any time, but the "Love To The World!" local events happen during the month of February.


Invite others to add theirs:

Because we live in a time where we can talk to people half a world away, we can make this event spread like wildfire. Invite people from other countries to join you.

Share on twitter, facebook or pinterest! Tell your family and friends that you're adding flags to celebrate people from other countries. Let them know that they can do it too.

Shout it out! That way, your single voice becomes the roar of many more.

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 Embrace your neighbors - embrace diversity!


Join us as we unite against hostilities among people

Enough is enough!

Looking back at the past several years, it is clear that "peaceful, loving and tolerant" are not exactly adjectives for some humans on this planet.

Y'all know about what's going on in the world - you see it in the media every day, and you can't possibly ignore the suffering of individuals and families that were directly affected by violence.

As a global society, we must be better than that. Our efforts have to focus on mutually beneficial issues instead!

And, as we know that we're preaching to the choir so to speak, bad things will only get worse, when good people become complacent.


We need YOUR help to spread LOVE

Let us not raise our children with hatred or fear. They deserve the gift of love: for nature, for people, for animals, for life.

Show the world that you stand for peace and love among humans! Let's make these flags a messenger that love is stronger than animosity. No matter where you live, what your religion is, or how much money you have - you can always share your love.

Reach out to people from other countries, dedicate flags to them! Then make it meaningful by writing a few words of encouragement, admiration or friendship.


You can visit your flags online and in person

All flags that were dedicated during this special incentive will be displayed in the Love, Peace and Beads Museum. Until the museum is ready, you can always see your flags on this website.

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Flag time line - Journal Page

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Communication and compassion need to start somewhere:

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Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



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