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Rules and Guidelines for Voting

to be revised before January 1st



Heart & Dove Awards™ 2017

Love & Peace Hall of Fame




1.) Definition and Purpose

The Heart & Dove Awards are the ceremonial induction into the "Love & Peace Hall of Fame". They were established to

            a) raise awareness about the urgent need for a kinder society

            b) to honor those who understand humanity and act as role models to inspire others

2.) Eligibility

Eligible for nomination are all legal persons.

The Love & Peace Project does not discriminate against race, gender, religious beliefs, political affiliation, sexual preference, ethnicity or origin.


All nominations are accepted that have the necessary requirements as established on the official entry form (See Nominating Form). The form may be submitted either via mailed letter or electronically, as long as it is received prior to December 31st of the current year. All nominations that are received after this date will be entered for the following year.

Love & Peace Ambassadors and Judges may be nominated, however they cannot vote on their own nomination.

The founder of the Love & Peace Project is excluded from nominations for the Heart & Dove Awards, the Love & Peace Hall of Fame, as well as the BM Initiative.


Each person may be nominated for the category that provides the best match. In case someone gets nominated in more than one categories, the judges or a legal representative of the Love & Peace Project LLC may have the right to eliminate a nominee from inappropriate categories, or place in other category.

If there is a category without a nomination, it will be left unfilled (not awarded). For more provisions, see "Awards" below.

Below are the current categories. If necessary, there may be more categories available over time.

Outstanding Friends - People you know: your Friends, Family, Neighbors, Social Media Friends

Community Superstars - Those you know about, but don't know in person

Junior Leaders - All people under the age of 18 years

Disadvantaged V.I.D.s (very important do-gooders) - A most significant category! Those down on their luck, but still manage to help others, or stand up for peaceful solutions. They may be in an unfortunate position, disabled, homeless, in prison or very ill

Local Businesses - Small to mid sized businesses who "do the right thing"

Public Service Personnel - Nurses, Journalists, Doctors, Policemen, Firemen, Teachers, Attorneys et al.

Everyday Above and Beyond - Those rarely noticed: Bus Drivers, Store Clerks, Stylists, Garbage Collectors, Servers et al.

Volunteers - They deserve the highest honors!

Spiritual Guides of the World - Priests, Rabbis, Imams, Reverends

Foreign Persons - Anyone outside of the US

Philanthropists - Affluent persons who are warriors for peace and humanity

Politicians - Let's stay neutral regarding their party affiliation!

Corporate Giants - You may have seen them in the media or read their Bio

Scientists and Academia - Brains with character

Celebrities - A-listers and such

Total Strangers - Anonymous or unknown

Special Sponsored Golden "Heart & Dove Award™" - For outstanding achievement towards humanity and peaceful coexistence

Posthumous - Those who played a huge part but have passed

Founder's Award - A special choice (made by the Panel of Judges and/or the Founder of the Love & Peace Project LLC)

3.) Judging

Voting counts: by popular vote and by judges. In case of a tie, the judges' votes take precedence.

            Group A: votes from Panel of Judges count towards individual awards. The judges vote on ONE category each to which they are assigned, plus a second category that's chosen at random. From February 1 through February 15, all winners from popular votes will be reviewed and confirmed or dismissed by the panel of judges.

            Group B: total votes from General Public count towards the individual category awards. Each eligible voter may vote as often as they wish, but no more than once during any 24 hour period.


Voting occurs after the nomination deadline. During the entire month of January, each eligible voter may cast their ballot.

The judges' final decision will be made from February 1 through February 15.


It is recommended that the judging should be made based on the overall merit. This will however not necessarily mean, that a nominee has to positively affect a great number of people in order to win in his or her category.

Special consideration to be given to those who can influence a wider base of people, therefore become an inspiration to imitate their kind behavior.

4.) Time Lines

The nominations are being accepted throughout the year.

 - Nominations: from 1/1 to 12/31 of any year, starting in 2017

 - Voting: from 1/1 to 1/31 the following year

 - Confirmation: from 2/1 to 2/31 by the panel of judges

 - Disputes: in case of any disputes regarding the entries, process or voting, the recommendation by the panel of judges is binding. Resolution to be achieved by the end of February.

 - Awards Banquet and Ceremony: any time during the month of March, following the voting. Exact date and time TBA, on the "Awards Dinner" page.

5.) Awards

ONE winner will be awarded per category. It is upon the discretion of the judges and/or a legal representative of the Love & Peace Project LLC to move a nominee into a different category, provided it matches the description of the nominee and/or increases the chances of winning an award.

The induction shall be permanent.

Award Ceremony always in March of the following year.

All non-winning entries to be placed and remain in the BM Initiative section.

6.) Prizes

Each winner receives a special Heart & Dove CertifiCard™ and Gift Bag*, along with the induction into the "Love & Peace Hall of Fame".

ALL nominees to get a "Nominee" Award

ALL BMI entries are to be nominated, except those that don't fill requirements (TBD above)

            Those who submit nominations are eligible for drawing of a prize (Gift Bag)

            Those who vote are eligible for drawing of a prize (Gift Bag)


Rules for prize drawing:

No purchase necessary. Eligible is any person who has submitted entries and/or votes, except the founder, employees/independent contractors of the Love & Peace Project and their immediate relatives.

Prizes will be drawn from all eligible entries. The drawing occurs each year, sometime during the last two weeks of February for all entries from the previous year.

Winners will be notified sometime during the first two weeks of March.

Each eligible voter may vote for as many nominees as they wish, but only ONCE per person. Multiple entries per nominee from the same voter will be counted as ONE vote.

*Contents of Gift Bags are determined by sponsor participation.

These rules are the first draft. They may be amended as needed for the benefit of the Award process and the Love & Peace Hall of Fame entries.




Nominate a deserving person for the Heart & Dove Awards™ 2017

and the permanent induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame.

Enter all year long and as often as you wish, until midnight of December 31st

To suggest someone for entry into the "Love & Peace Hall of Fame":

go to the "Nominating Form"

To be a true rebel for a kinder world, let the nominee know that you're submitting their story:

Nomination Letter

 Want to win a prize?

Those who submit nominations are eligible for drawing of a prize (TBD)

Those who vote are eligible for drawing of a prize (TBD)

Submit as many stories as you wish - each will be posted and remains in the "Be More" section forever.


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