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WIN a Prize!


Prizes for the 2017 Awards (2018 will vary and TBD - stay posted)

Grand Prize: all 10 pieces of jewelry

You are invited to enter the inaugural Heart & Dove Awards. With each entry, you get a chance to win a super sized gift bag, filled with goods from local merchants. Or you can win any of the other prizes.

There are two drawings for the 2017 awards: one is for nominating someone, the other is when you vote for your favorite in January. Enter both to double your chances of winning!


First Prize: all these are in the gift bag - 10 pieces total!


Peach Coral Shell Pearl Necklace (Colors may vary)   Freshwater Pearl Necklace   Yoga Necklace   Flower Power Necklace   Angel Pendant with Chain
$165 value   $75 value   $95 value   $65 value   $18 value
Heart Bracelet   Teddy Bear Pendant with Chain   G.F. Stretchy Flower Power Ring (Colors may vary)   Horse Bracelet   Celtic Heart Bracelet
$10 value   $16 value   $150 value   $20 value   $25 value


Prizes for the 2017 Awards

Grand Prize: One SUPER SIZE Gift Bag (see contents above, display stand not included)

First, Second and Third Prize: One hand knotted Freshwater Pearl Necklace, valued at $200 each

20 other Prizes: gift certificates & coupons, valued at $50 each

All Federal or local Taxes (where applies) are the sole responsibility of the winner.

Nominating: Chances of winning will increase with each nomination. Individuals may nominate as many persons as they wish, as often as they wish. One prize drawing entry per suggested "act of kindness" story. Multiple stories of one person are ok, but they must be separate incidents.

Voting: Each eligible voter may vote for one person per category. Each valid vote counts for one entry.

Prize Drawings

Rules for prize drawing:

No purchase necessary. Eligible is any person who has submitted entries and/or votes, except the founder, employees/independent contractors of the Love & Peace Project and their immediate relatives.

Prizes will be drawn from all eligible entries. The drawings occur sometime before or during the last two weeks of February for all entries from the previous year.

Prizes for the 2017 Heart and Dove awards are identical for both drawings. Prizes for the 2018 Heart and Dove Awards to be determined.

Winners will be notified sometime before or during the first two weeks of March.

See complete rules for details >




It's easy to enter: nominate someone for an award

Enter now! Suggest someone for this year's Awards and Hall of Fame:

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 See the complete Sweepstakes and Nominating "Rules" >>





Each and every person is eligible at one time or another during their life, and they each deserve recognition for their care and compassion.

However, it is in line with the Love & Peace Project's philosophy, to give the awards the most possible weight. Meaning: to make them powerful messengers for kindness.

That way, they serve as inspiration and perhaps make others more aware. Selection of winners will put emphasis on educational value, circumstances and overall community impact.

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Winners are chosen by voting. (See "Rules" >>)



YOU Can Win!

Nominate someone (or yourself) who deserves an award

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2nd Annual

Heart & Dove Awards 2018

and permanent induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame



Nominations for 2018 awards are accepted until December 31, 2018

Each award recipient receives a framed, specially designed Heart & Dove CertifiCard™, along with the permanent induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™.


Vote for Your Favorite

During the month of January only:

Enter to vote for induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame >>

Voting takes place from January 1 to 31

Votes submitted before January 1st or after January 31st are ineligible. To have your vote count towards your favorite candidate and be entered for the prize drawing, you must vote between January 1st and 31st only.


These Sponsors have understood the value of kindness, and they deserve our attention:


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