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Love & Peace Hall of Fame™



Heart & Dove Awards™ 2017

and permanent induction into the Love & Peace Hall of Fame™

 When a person steps outside of their own comfort zone to better the lives of others, he or she should be recognized for their sacrifice. Suggest someone for this year's Awards and Hall of Fame!


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Image © by unknown source, showing Holkham Hall Estate's Marble Hall in Norfolk, England.

The Love & Peace Hall of Fame might not be as glorious, but what it holds is more precious than all the world's riches.

Let's deck the halls with the most beautiful people ever ...those with the greatest hearts!



These categories were established to create at least somewhat of a balance in the distribution of the individual rewards. For example: an average person who does not get much public attention or media coverage, should not have to compete with those who do. It's an attempt to level the playing field.

One winner will be selected in each category.

Outstanding Friends

People you know: your Friends, Family, Neighbors, Social Media Friends

Community Superstars

Those you know about, but don't know in person

Junior Leaders

All people under the age of 18 years

Disadvantaged V.I.D.s (very important do-gooders)

A most significant category! Those down on their luck, but still manage to help others, or stand up for peaceful solutions. They may be in an unfortunate position, disabled, homeless, in prison or very ill

Local Businesses

Small to mid sized businesses who "do the right thing"

Public Service Personnel

Nurses, Journalists, Doctors, Policemen, Firemen, Teachers, Attorneys et al.

Everyday Above and Beyond

Those rarely noticed: Bus Drivers, Store Clerks, Stylists, Garbage Collectors, Servers et al.


They deserve the highest honors!

Spiritual Guides of the World

Priests, Rabbis, Imams, Reverends

Foreign Persons

Anyone outside of the US


Affluent persons who are warriors for peace and humanity


Let's stay neutral regarding their party affiliation!

Corporate Giants

You may have seen them in the media or read their Bio

Scientists and Academia

Brains with character


A-listers and such

Special Sponsored Golden "Heart & Dove Award™"

For outstanding achievement towards humanity and peaceful coexistence


Those who played a huge part but have passed

Founder's Award

A special choice



Each and every person is eligible at one time or another during their life, and they each deserve recognition for their spirit and actions.

However, it is in line with the Love & Peace Project's philosophy to give the awards the most possible weight. That way, they serve as inspiration and perhaps, messengers for kindness: Selection of winners will put emphasis on educational value, circumstances and overall community impact.

Winners will be chosen by voting:

Group A: a panel of representatives from a wide field of expertise

(Panel of judges to be announced shortly)

Group B: the general public

(go to the ballot to cast your vote >>)

The total votes from each group count for 50% each.


Nominations being accepted all year throughout 2017.

Award Ceremony always in March of the following year.


Each winner receives a Heart & Dove CertifiCard™ and Gift Basket,

along with the induction into the "Love & Peace Hall of Fame".

The induction shall be permanent. (Applicable rules to be posted soon.)


Those who submit are eligible for drawing of a prize (TBD)

Those who vote are eligible for drawing of a prize (TBD)

Voting to take place from January 1 to 31

(and let's see what else we can come up with, to make this fun and rewarding for all...)


To suggest someone for entry into the "Love & Peace Hall of Fame":

click on "Nominating Form"







The gift of recognition - custom made with love.



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