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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:   How does it work?

A:      It's FREE and EASY:

Dedicate beads to people you care about. These beads become a part of the necklace - and make string of love and peace going around the world.

Your dedications can be seen forever in the "Love & Peace Journal". Once a business sponsors your beads, we forward 100% of the sponsorship fee to charity


Q:   Can I see my dedicated beads?

A:      Yes!

You can find your beads by going to the Journal and by entering your name into the search engine. It will give you the link to a page in the journal. Find your name and click on the red bead number.

Once you get to the panel where your bead is located, click on the magnifying glass to enlarge that panel.


Q:    How long is the Neverending Necklace right now?

A:      Click on the Neverending Necklace logo anywhere on the site, and you'll see! The length is updated frequently, so check often.


Q:    What is this necklace really about?

A:       The Neverending Necklace is a fun and meaningful way to remember someone special. At the same time, we raise awareness about tolerance, compassion, kindness and forgiving.

The name "Love & Peace Project" was chosen to reflect on the global needs for love and peace. Each bead represents someone you lovingly remember and helps visualize the coexistence of all shapes, colors, material and origin, all on the same string.

It is the one project to which anyone in the world can contribute. The Neverending Necklace knows no borders and it knows no time - a never ending string of love and peace going around the world!


Q:    How did the Necklace get started?

A:       The Neverending Necklace was started after the publication of a newspaper article in the "Palm Beach Post" which featured the Vetsville "Cease Fire House", a non-profit organization helping Veterans in need.


Q:    How much money do I have to spend to participate?

A:       Dedicating beads is FREE and you may dedicate as many times as you like! But if you'd really like to leave your mark on the necklace, you can sponsor an entire section that was made specifically for you. To sponsor a section and create lasting memories, see the family sponsorships.


Q:    Can I enter anyone for a dedication?

A:       Yes! Anyone can be entered to whom you wish to dedicate beads, however we reserve the right to refuse entries that are offensive. Please read the terms of agreement (located on the dedication page) before you submit your entries.


Q:    Which organization is behind this?

A:       The Love & Peace Project, LLC, which is privately owned. It has no religious or political agenda. It is not affiliated with any persons or organizations that use it to manipulate or create harm. Opinions and views of contributing individuals or groups are their own, and the Love & Peace Project is not responsible for their activity beyond dedicating beads.


Q:    Is this a non-profit organization?

A:       It is a for profit business that generates its revenue by offering our exclusive, custom made CertifiCards™ for sale, as well as other gifts.


Q:    Do I have to send in beads to dedicate them?

A:       No, but if you would like to donate beads, charms, or even broken jewelry to be used in the Project, we will happily accept them and enter your gift into the Journal as well. Contact us.

If you want us to create an entire customized section using your own fabric and/or beads (or charms etc.), you can find more info here.


Q:    When will the Necklace be finished?

A:       As soon as all arms and hostilities in this world are laid to rest.

The Project's first goal is an entry into the "Guinness Book of World Records", after that we aim for it to go around the globe. The Necklace will reach through space and time: it will keep growing even generations from now.


Q:    Do you really count every bead on the necklace?

A:        Actually, we understate that amount. We count each and every dedicated bead, but the real amount of beads is much larger: the correct number of beads is the given number multiplied by 13.

Why? Each bead is separated by 12 smaller beads to show off the individual beads better.


Q:    Where can I dedicate beads?

A:      There are several ways to do it: go to the "Intro" page for more info - it's easy.

During the month of July, you may find a store near you where you can dedicate beads: click here for store locations.

Or you may want to come and see us in person at any of the events to choose your unique beads. Find the event calendar on the "What's happening" page.


Still got more questions?

Email us and we will answer them as best as we can.



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