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Signature Activity for June


2nd Annual

Never underestimate the love of a supportive family!


Honor your family: Add Leaves!
June 1 - 30, 2018
"Family First" signature events take place during June, but you may add leaves anytime you like

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It doesn't get any closer than that...

You sure can't pick'em, but there's usually a whole lot of love coming from your family.

It doesn't matter if they're perfect or not, if there are disagreements or whether there are jealousies. Forgive, work it out, if necessary with the help of a trusted mediator.

Because when it functions, you can't replace your own family. And somewhere on the branches of your family tree, there must be at least one favorite.



Where would you be without them?

As you reflect on all aspects of your family, don't forget to remember the good traits you received because you are a part of them. These gifts are your characteristics, your genes, your good looks, your abilities, your life.

Whether your family played a huge role in your life or a small one - you've been given much that you should be thankful for.


Tell them you care. And keep reading for the reason why

Start with your parents: they did the best they could at the time, to give you a future. Most new parents are young and not completely masters of their own lives yet, so it may have been very difficult for them to raise you the way you wished.

Love them anyhow. Let them know how much you appreciate everything they've done for you.

Possibly tell all your family members that you care about them. Even the "black sheep", the renegades, because you may not know of their struggles.

Embrace all - you don't need to turn over a new leaf. Affirm your love!



So, - why care?

Because when it comes down to the wire, you may not get support from anywhere else. Family can be your safe haven, just as much as you may be called upon to provide it for another relative. Regardless if you're living far apart or nearby, if you rarely communicate or in regular contact - they care, as long as you care.

Families build the core of a community. When families function within, society as a whole will become better, stronger, more advanced.

Add a virtual leaf for each member of your family. It helps you be more aware of your special connection, it affirms your place within your line of heritage. And don't forget those special people who are not related to you, but they're very much like your own family...

When you add your virtual leaves, we make a silk leaf with your name and the name of your relative on it. When you participate in a Signature Event, you may make your own leaves.


You can visit your leaves online now, and later in person

Your leaves will be added to the tree, which will branch out and grow because of them. The miracle of life.

All leaves that were added during this special incentive will be displayed in the future Love, Peace and Beads Museum. Until the museum is ready, you can always visit the tree on this website.


Celebrate yours

Look at the Family Tree - understand its significance:

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Special invitation through social media

Share on twitter, facebook, youtube, email to friends! Tell your family and friends that you are making the virtual tree grow, and how it makes you aware of your family. Then ask others to do the same!

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Help make our community better by committing your love to family:

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Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



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