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Signature Activity for September


2nd Annual

Be divine and set yourself free!


Forgive someone: Add Bears!
September 1 - 30, 2018
'Fall Into Forgiveness' events take place during September, but you may add bears anytime you like

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A Forest of Forgiveness

You can do it two ways - either at any of our events, or right here online: dedicate a bear to a person who needs your forgiveness. As soon as we receive your choice of bears, we add it to the "Bear Forest".

Or you can go to any one of the local events during the month of September. There, you'll also receive a tiny bear to keep and take home. It's a reminder of your step towards your inner freedom.


Your only cost: some courage

Deep down inside your heart, you know that it's the right thing to do.

Sure - there are things that are very difficult to forget. You may have been hurt emotionally or physically by someone close to you, and you find yourself deeply in anger over that.

The offense cuts deeper and deeper, until it's well established in your system. There's no way out of it.

Oh, but there is! You see: each time you allow your memory return to the time of hurt, you are really damaging yourself. Whatever transgression it was that offended you, it's getting worse if you can't let it go.

Look at it this way: nobody is free of bad judgment at some time or another. The offender may be losing sleep over his or her actions. Most likely, they may have never intended to make you miserable.

Being human can just be so difficult sometimes.




Feels great!

Once you get over that threshold, you'll realize how everybody has done something wrong at some point in their lives. Then you may nudge yourself a bit, and work towards your own peace of mind.

When you forgive someone, it's like a release from strangulation. You'll feel better the very moment that you can say "I forgive you".

Take that load off your back and try it out... you can't go wrong. It's a ridiculously small step to take!



There are health benefits

You probably have read about it already. Forgiveness is good for your body. How? It lowers stress, curbs anxiety and it's beneficial for your overall well-being.

Countless papers that document the science behind it, have been written by respected individuals.


You're not alone

And your situation is not unique. Everybody has reason to be hurt or angry at certain times. The difference is how you deal with it.

Forgive someone today! Make it count and dedicate a soft and fuzzy Teddy Bear to that person. It won't cost you anything either, because it's totally free.


Making up after an argument is the best feeling ever


Why even care?

Because you're handling yourself in a positive manner, you're also contributing positive reinforcement to the community - whether you realize it or not.

To practice forgiveness out of your own desire, without being prodded, makes you wise.

And you can breathe easier now:

Add Bears >>


Meet Soft and Fuzzy - the bears that make you feel good!


You can visit your bear online now, and later in person

Your bear will be added to the "Forest". Its job is to inspire others and set a positive example.

All dedicated bears will be displayed in the future Love, Peace and Beads Museum. Until the museum is ready, you can always visit your virtual bear here:

Visit the Bear Forest >>


Join us! Invite others through social media:

Share on twitter, facebook, youtube, or email a link email to friends! Tell your family and friends that you are dedicating a bear, and how it helps you set yourself free. Then suggest to them to do the same!

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Be divine and set yourself free:

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