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Down The Street Bead Show

1/21 - 1/23/11    Shriners' Temple, Palm Beach Gardens, FL



Everybody loves animal beads!


Have you ever wondered where all the beautiful beads come from that people use for their craft?

Of course there are some wonderful and well-stocked bead stores in the area that will supply you throughout the year, but once in a while you will want to have an even bigger selection.

That is exactly what the Down The Street Bead Show will do for you:

they bring in vendors from different states and with different merchandise for you to choose from.

Because there are many dealers, your variety of beads is that much bigger, and it is a joy to shop for them.

The Down The Street Bead Show has been continuously rated the best in the area by visitors and vendors alike.

Watch out for ads in local papers or go to their website for an updated schedule:

The Down The Street Bead Show   ►►

We'll see you there!




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