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Happy Birthday!


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Holiday Festival

12/4/10    The Pointe at Wellington Green, Wellington, FL



Airing a live talk show at w4cy.com


The Holiday Festival organized by LA Fitness was an enormously successful event on a perfect day.

Not only was the entire festival well planned and coordinated, but it was also having a purpose by collecting toys for the US Marines "Toys For Tots" program.

Many adjacent businesses came out and had booths there as well restaurants with samples of their delectable fare.

The high attendance showed that it was well received. Visitors could take advantage of the entertainment, meet local businesses and get a chance to be on a live radio broadcast, thanks to w4cy internet radio.

For the Neverending Necklace it was a record breaking day: the highest average ever of dedicated beads per hour.

Special thanks to LA Fitness manager Alan who organized the event and a warm "Thank You" to Dean Piper who graciously shared his w4cy radio booth with the Neverending Necklace!


Taking time to find perfect beads


Lots to do at the Holiday Festival


All these beads were chosen at the LA Fitness Holiday Festival. These were dedicated within only three hours!


These girls had fun dedicating beads


How long do you think this limo is?


Searching for the right beads...


The booth of w4cy internet radio


Everybody just loved this spectacular car




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