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Annual Gem Show

11/20 & 21/10    South Florida Fairgrounds, West Palm Beach, FL



Junior member Charlie Bengtson making lampwork beads



A tradition here in Palm Beach County, this huge gem show is a definite must for everybody who is looking for something special.

Even if you don't enjoy the hobby of collecting rocks, minerals, fossils or gem stones, it is impossible not to be captured by this fantastic event.

And you will always find friendly people from the Gem and Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches who are eager to share information about their hobby.

We promise that there is something for everybody, and you will be going through this show as a wide-eyed admirer of so much beauty.

Don't miss it next year!



Kelly Azor having fun with the "Big Beads"


Tables upon tables of dealers


Always a hub of activity: the flume and geode cracking


Visitors at the table of the Neverending Necklace


The making of the World's Longest Necklace,

Image courtesy of WineRocksฎ


Beads hand made and donated by Inez Ancell


Some dedicated beads from this Gem Show


Countless volunteers donate their time and expertise


It's fun designing your own section of beads

Looks like this young lady just found special beads


Colors and shapes to have fun searching for beads!


Inez Ancell demonstrating her awesome art


All dedicated beads from the 2010 Gem Show




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