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The Down The Street Bead Show

6/4/10 - 6/6/10   Shriners' Temple, Palm Beach Gardens, FL



Something for everybody, we promise.


What more can be said about the Down the Street Bead Show other than it is the best bead show in the area.

You have told us over and over again how pleasant it is to come here, and over the years we have become friends.

Come and buy your beads, have some fun, meet old friends and stay busy making jewelry.

And don't forget to dedicate beads to those you love.

You know they appreciate it!

Thank you Rick and Audrey for letting the Neverending Necklace be a part of your beautiful show!


Unusual and unique beads for you!


Each bead counts


The beads you dedicated at this event


You never know what you'll find..




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