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Happy Birthday!


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Gem Show

11/21 & 11/22/09    South Florida Fairgrounds, West Palm Beach, FL



The Rodriguez sisters searching for the best beads and charms


Wow, what a record breaking weekend it was! Never before could we add that many beads to the necklace during one single event. And these beads produced over 33 new feet of the necklace, which brought it to more than 1360 feet.

According to internet information, the world record is at 1345 feet, but we'll confirm that with the Guinness people.

Now you may ask if the Neverending Necklace will stop growing, now that the record has been reached.

Well, no way! The world record is only another milestone, if quite a nice one to have under the belt. The true meaning of the necklace is that it keeps growing and it keeps spreading the message of love and peace. And as long as there are wars and violence, the necklace grows and grows.

On a happier subject: the Gem Show was delightful and well organized, as it always is. The members of the Palm Beach Gem & Mineral Society once again came together to offer the finest shopping for jewelry, gems, fossils, cutting rough, beads and unique gifts there is in South Florida.

If you are a member, then you will agree: it is also the best opportunity to see fellow members and friends, some of whom came from Virginia just to be at the show.

V.I.P. member Jack Stamper and his wife MaryAnn came to see the show, and if you remember it was Jack who first gave the Neverending Necklace a table in 2001 to display it at the show.

Even Don and Ruth Chenoweth came all the way from Central Florida to be here, and it was nice to chat with this lovely couple.

Sadly, many of the members who have supported the necklace and were dear friends, have passed over the years. It was nice to see that the 2009 show was dedicated to those who are now with the "Greatest Rockhound of All" - the creator of our beautiful world himself.

So many fond memories are connected to this Gem Show and to the club who puts it on for us to enjoy. May the Gem Society live long and prosper, and may it provide enjoyment of the hobby for many generations to come!

Thank you, dearest fellow members!


Laura and Natalie Rodriguez having a blast finding the right beads


Magnificent jewelry from Janis Perryman


Paul Perryman, a stellar jewelry maker demonstrating his skill


All around jewelry making talent Kelly Azor


Some of the whimsical jewelry that you can only find from dedicated artisans


First half of the dedicated beads from this weekend's Gem Show


Inez Ancell, seed bead wizard who donated the beads on Panel 11


Second half of the dedicated beads




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