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Peter's Living Room Concert

11/8/08    Silver Screen, Wellington, FL



A quartet of Power: Steelin' Time


An impromptu performance in every sense was the Benefit Concert at the Silver Screen Cinema and Comedy Club in Wellington.

Peter's Living Room and WRPBradio.com were putting on a show that could hold its own among top musical events in South Florida.

The opening act was played by Rick Seguso with a series of songs, including "My Shangri-La". Next came Moe Jackson who came for the event from Daytona Beach and performed a set of blues songs such as "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" and other renditions.

The main act was Steelin' Time, and these boys literally swept the audience off their feet. Fast paced and professional, their music grabbed you and never let go until the very last note was sounded. Amazing and thoroughly delicious music!

In order to fully appreciate the treat we got that evening, one has to understand that at Silver Screen in Wellington there is not a bad seat in the house. The audience is a part of the action as much as the musicians seem to melt flawlessly into the crowd before their performance.

A small, intimate movie theater/comedy club/cafe, the Silver Screen has been a staple in Wellington's entertainment for many years. but if you haven't been there in a while - what a surprise is waiting for you!

You can have dinner, cocktails and some ground shaking entertainment there. This evening was no different as the musicians came out to play a benefit for the local chapter of the American Cancer Society as well as the charities of the Neverending Necklace.

Thank you to the wonderful musicians who came out to support charity work and to all who attended! Peter will organize more concerts there, and I urge everybody to come and enjoy the great entertainment that so many talented performers work for. You'll be very pleased!

A heartfelt "Thank You" also goes to Peter Wein and Liz from Silver Screen: you're definitely making that cafe/comedy club a part of the local "Scene".


Peter Wein from "Peter's Living Room"


More of "Steelin' Time"


...just a chillin' Cowboy





Rick Seguso doing a marvelous solo act


Maureen Gross from the American Cancer Society


"Backstage" with the band and Rick Seguso




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