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Tri County Comic Con

12/28 - 12/30/07   Fairgrounds, West Palm Beach, FL



Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and Robots, oh my!


A star studded weekend was waiting for those who came to the South Florida Fairgrounds this last weekend of the year. And all the fun and collectibles that were on hand made for a winning combination at the very first Tri County Comic Con.

The lineup of celebrities was incredible: you were able to meet Walter Koenig (Star Trek), Priscilla Barnes (Three's Company), Lauren Chapin (Father Knows Best), Jeff Breslauer (Superboy), Debi Storm (Dr. Kildare), Cathy St. George (Former Playmate), Dan Stapleton (Magician), Joel D. Wynkoop (Actor), Eric Basaldua (Comic Artist), Tommy Castillo (Comic Artist), Pablo Marcos (Comic Artist), Rob Granito (Comic Artist), Brian Mitchell (Artist), Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (Wrestler), Roy Wayne "Honky Tonk Man" Farris (Wrestler), Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart (Wrestler), Mike "Virgil" Jones (Wrestler), Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc (Author), Markisha Bunn (Author/Poet), Daisy D (Female Impersonator) and many more.

Along with the V.I.P.s were dealers of comic and collectible related merchandise: you could buy figurines, t-shirts, original art, autographs, pirate items, specialty car tags, comic books, posters, banners, stickers, just anything that a collector's heart desires.

Contests, raffles and karaoke made this a very well rounded event where you could spend time among the hobby you love.

A big Thank You goes to Tri County Comic Con who generously gave a table to the Neverending Necklace. Thanks to these Promoters, we could add 3 feet and 1 inch to the Project.

Make it your plan for the coming year to visit the next Comic Con in June: www.tricountycomiccon.com

Let's bring the world closer together, one bead at a time.


Famous Comic Book Artist Pablo Marcos, shown with his lovely wife Myriam


Conventionexclusive.com had a huge variety of collectibles to offer


South Florida's very own celebrity: Daisy D.


The Captain from Pirates of the Treasure Coast...


...and his fiancee, Cathy.


Star Wars comes to life again


The icing on the cake: nature presented itself with a dramatic sky, photographed on the way home from the Tri County Comic Con




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