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Collectibles Show

2/10/07    Miccosukee Resort, Miami, Florida



Bob holds the official flyer for the next show on March 17, here at the Miccosukee Resort


Miami's Best Kept Secret: you can go and have a fun Saturday every month when you go to the Collectibles Show by BTL Collective.

No longer for insiders exclusively, this monthly show is a neat surprise for first-timers. Find your long lost issues of your favorite comic books, get that sought after card that's missing in your sports cards collection, or get an autographed professionally framed picture of your sports legend.

And there are countless action figures, - your heroes and baddies from movies, comic books, video games and more. All sizes of figurines, the wildest and wackiest are here to be taken home and to be cherished.

Immerse yourself into a wonderland of illusion and adventure, but beware: the dealers are fun loving people who actually like what they do!

All my gratitude to Orly, Raf, Alan and Mike, you are so very dear and special!

Thank you to Bob who let me share his space, and who is always a cheerful person to talk to!

Thank You to everybody who took the time to learn about the Love & Peace Project and dedicated beads!

Come see the next Show on March 17, and remember to dedicate beads to all your family and friends.

 - Ingrid Webster


Loads of beads for you to choose from


...There is nothing to transport you back into your childhood like some well made comic books


Visitors checking out the Collectibles Show


You dedicated these beads today. Each one holds so much meaning and love!


Got Ballet, Mike?




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