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Gem & Jewelry Show

1/12 - 1/14/07    Fort Lauderdale, FL



Row after row of dealers with an incredible selection


Did you ever go to a show where you felt you are in a magnificent paradise?

In this wonderland with all the beauty from the earth (and its artisans) you could shop for any of these shiny glimmering jewels to be taken home and cherished.

Or, if you were a reseller, you could fill up on your stock and material and get fantastic deals to share with your customers.

In any case, the International Gem & Jewelry Show in Ft. Lauderdale held so many surprises for everyone, and it was a perfect marketplace for those who visited. What a great show and how perfectly it was set up.

Thanks to the Intergem, the Love & Peace Project had a beautiful booth available and a successful weekend to go with that. YOU added almost 13 feet to the necklace! WOW!

It just keeps growing and growing, and if you look at all the panels that make up the entire Project now, you can sense the combined effort of everyone who has ever contributed. Such a show requires so much work and preparation, and still all organizers and staff are always willing to help in any way.

Thank You to Debbie, Justin and Greg, - you are doing so much for the Project! Thank you to International Gem & Jewelry Show for the opportunity! Thank You to Donna Jostiak for helping as a volunteer, I can always count on you! And Thank You to all of you who dedicated beads! The Project is made by everyone who was involved in any way, and that makes it so very precious.


All the colors of the rainbow for you to play with


A program with much to look forward to


...that's one long strand of beads!


A close-up look at some beads


A never ending stream of visitors found everything they wanted


The booth of the Love & Peace Project


The beads you dedicated at this show


The Project in its entirety, ...and still growing!


More details of dedicated beads




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