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Collectibles & Comics Show

11/25/06    Miami, Florida



A beautiful showcase depicting Miccosukee milestones and VIPs


This monthly show at the Miccosukee Resort in Miami already has its regulars - comic and card collecting enthusiasts. But even if you are not a collector, you will find items that will instantly take their path into your heart, - guaranteed.

There is so much to find and so many extremely rare items that it will be well worth a visit. Admission is free and there are prize drawings, so you'll have a blast there! Don't forget to stop by and dedicate beads right at the entrance.

For the Love & Peace Project to be successful at growing, we rely on generous organizers such as the BTL Collective to give us a space where you can choose beads. A very big Thank You to all at BTL, especially Orly who puts everything together and makes it seem effortless.

I would not want to miss being there.

 - Ingrid Webster


Ready for Christmas? Trees are everywhere and make the Resort very festive


Thanks to Orly, Raf and Alan!


Look at al the collectibles! Maria, you're #1!


Beads you dedicated at this show


The tallest Christmas tree there - the car underneath is life size!


Pristine and rare merchandise from Mikey


Looks like a busy and fun show


Find the Love & Peace Project as you enter this show




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