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Gem Show West Palm Beach

11/18 & 11/19/06    South Florida Fairgrounds



Chris Koch with his Jurassic Parts: beautiful fossils from around the State


Once a year in November, the Gem & Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches holds this big, marvelous Gem Show. Not only a feast for the eyes, it is also both entertaining and educational. You won't believe the wondrous things you can find there! This year was extra special, - it was the 40th annual show and it was host to the annual Eastern Federation of Mineralogical Societies Convention, with many enthusiasts from across the country.

And because it is a club show, there are lectures, classes, demonstrations, volunteer members who will share their vast knowledge and dealers with everything that the heart desires.

There is so much to experience there that you can't take it all in, even if you attend both days. Schedule now to visit the show next year, you will not be disappointed!

Thank You to the club and the show chairpersons Carl Bengtson and Barbara Ringhiser, who allow the Project to be displayed year after year. It is a wonderful show to be at, and we wouldn't miss it for anything.

A special Thanks goes to the LPP volunteers Cyndy Manzo and Donna Jostiak who helped at the booth. It is always such a pleasure to have them help out at shows.

An extra surprise came from Inez Ancell and Jack Stamper who donated a bunch of their hand made beads. To both of you: what a truly nice gesture, Thank You very much! Be assured that you beads will have a worthy place on the Project.


A friendly chat with Kelly Azor, Chairperson for the demonstration area


Inez Ancell demonstrating her incredible beading skill


These are the beads that Inez made and donated to the Project


Paul Perryman working on a spectacular bracelet


A glimpse of the show


The beads you dedicated during the Gem Show


Theresa Koplin with her magnificent wire and bead work


More examples of Theresa's beautiful designs

Jack Stamper, the "Father" of the annual show


Jack's hand made lampwork beads


Lisa Kuntzman's unbelievable repertoire of many techniques


Lisa's chain work


Some of the beads you chose


More details from dedicated beads




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