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Howl'oween Pet Festival

10/29/06    Loxahatchee, FL



One of the favorites: a little pirate and his owners


Let the pictures speak for themselves to demonstrate what a nice day was to be had at the Howl'oween Pet Festival.

It is always neat for the Love & Peace Project to come to different events to help celebrate, but this one was extra cute. After all, no other place could you find so many little furry "trick or treaters" and admire them in their Halloween finery.

Among the favorites: an angel (Roxy), a pirate, a witch, several Supermen (hillarious), a security guard, insects: lady bug and bumble bees, a pimp (Bruiser), ballerinas, a clown, basketball player, Dolphins fan, the biggest heart warmer Pasha and so many more.

What great fun that was! Don't miss it next time.

Thank you to Mary Perez for organizing this happy gathering and for inviting us vendors to be a part of that, - it was a pleasure!

On a more emotional side, I wanted to thank Fred to offer his Bronze Star hat to be displayed with the Love & Peace Project. What an honor, Sir! Sometimes, amid all the joyful mood these events bring along, and with all the thoughts that have to go into setting up a display for the Love & Peace Project, even I forget the origin, the very roots of the Project.

At this moment, I would like to remember all Veterans near and far who have sacrificed so much for their country.

- Ingrid Webster -


Looks like an early treat for these two


Pasha is ready


In a very moving gesture  Fred (a Vietnam Veteran) placed his hat right there with the Project to be seen by everyone


The sun couldn't have smiled more on this day


Some of the dogs available for adoption


Nobody went hungry under the watch of these two chefs


Waiting for the winner announcement


Wait a minute, this one belongs to Hollywood...




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