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Mikey's Toy and Comic Show

8/26/06    GLCC Fort Lauderdale, Florida



Meet Wendy, Author of the "Cafe Trinity" Poem Book


Now here is a fun show to go visit and check out! The "Pandemonium" Toy and Comic Show in Fort Lauderdale had so much to offer and was a feast for the eyes and soul. Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart, you must go next time and satisfy your craving for some neat and happy pleasure.

Comics galore, action figures, toys and superheroes, dolls and miniatures were there to be loved and purchased. If you are like me, you would have truly enjoyed the many Ninja Turtles, Supermen, Barbieฎ Dolls, Anime Characters, Disney collectibles and much more.

Thanks to the generous and kind hearted Michael Buoni, aka "Mikey", as well as all the wonderful helping people, the Love & Peace Project could grow by 30 inches! It was truly a very nice show to be at and meet new people.

Thank you with all my heart to Mikey, Hektor, Indy, Justin and everyone who worked so hard to make the show possible.

Look at the pictures, they speak for themselves!

 - Ingrid Webster


The delicate and sensitive poetry by Wendy Lo is a refreshing break from a stressful day. It's a joy to read, nicely enhanced by illustrations from talented artists


Next time you see it, follow this sign...


Surely there are many things that the heart desires!


Definitely the winners of the Costume Contest. Great job, guys!


The poster is the work of Hektor Thillet, a phenomenal young artist sure to become a star!


Another one from the truly gifted Hektor


The Love & Peace Project felt very much at home here... thanks to the hospitality of the GLCC and so many wonderful people.




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