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Evening on the Avenues

8/4/06    Lake Worth, FL


Ahhh - Snakeboy Johnson, please come back soon!


Now where can you go and listen to a first class band without paying a dime? And not only that, you'll get to sit comfortably in a chair and there isn't a bad seat in the house, or better: under the sky.

Yesterday's Evening on the Avenues was unbelievable, and most of the credit goes to the band "Snakeboy Johnson" who were doing some exceptional blues. These are some really really skillful people, folks!

Where I come from, students get started out in their musical education with classical music. Our ears are trained in Symphonies, orchestras, chamber music, opera and such. Then we work our way towards modern times, but there is never enough time for blues. What a gross mistake! To me, that performance given by Snakeboy was a treat, and you couldn't ask for anything better. These guys could be playing "Sound Advice Amphitheater" and you would pay solid money to go listen to them, - they're THAT good.

Besides raving about the great entertainment choices the Lake Worth Chamber makes, it was a pleasant night.

The weather was cooperating once again and it brought out many people. I'm not making this up. The reason you hardly ever see pictures of events with a lot of people in them is simply that I usually take the pictures before the festivals are starting. During an event I'm mostly busy and can't get away much to take photographs.

It was wonderful to see familiar faces and to meet new people.

Great to see you again: Steven with Nicholas and Camille, and Bill and the kids, you are "Regulars" now.

If you go to the "Evening on the Avenues", you will see just about everybody strutting their pets: aside from the countless breeds of dogs of all colors and variations, you can admire parrots, a beautiful white cockatoo, a snake and my favorite: the cutest rat who always gets a ride on her owner's shoulder.

You just will have to experience it, and come often. Plan ahead and combine it with a nice dinner, or eat something at the festival and then go afterwards to one of the many places downtown and finish with a nightcap.

As long as you also visit the Love & Peace Project and dedicate some beads!

 - Ingrid Webster


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