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The Down the Street Bead Show

 3/10 - 3/12/06     Pompano Beach, FL



If you were at the show you will remember Gary, the "Gate keeper"


The "Down The Street Bead Show" did it again!

I can't thank everyone enough for pitching in and making this yet another very successful weekend. No matter whether you were a visitor or a vendor at this bead show, whether you dedicated or donated beads: Thank you with all my heart!

The effort of so many people really paid off to create this "must visit" show. Audrey Quetier and Rick Baldwin put together a wonderful group of merchants with breathtaking beads.

And so many of the dealers gave a huge amount of beads to be used for dedications. See the generosity of bead artists and sellers by clicking here. It means so much to get beads from these wonderful people because it really helps with variety and the mere expenses of having to purchase all the beads. Outstanding support came from Maria Richmond and Kay Rodgers from Lost Marbles Lampwork, Susie Moncada, Barbara Barry, Becky Sparks from Bead Dreamer Studio, Rick Baldwin and Laurie B. Smith. A very warm Thank You to all!

Next time the Down the Street Bead Show comes to your area, go there for everything that your heart desires: there are classes on PMC art clay, wire wrapping, bead stringing, Byzantine chain bracelets, seed beading and much more.

Go and see the fabulous beads, meet the friendly faces of the merchants and learn, look and get inspired!

Oh, and by the way, if you're hungry you MUST order the fried shrimp from Hannah, they are scrumptious. Thanks to the chefs for some awesome food!


Wall hanging, lovingly made with a latch hook technique. The Elk's Lodge was a great venue!


Two of the panels that were on display.


Something for everyone, for sure!


It's being worked on...


I'll miss seeing that happy bead face for a while.


One important fact needs to be added: this was the first time the Love & Peace Project traveled outside of Palm Beach County, an important milestone!


The little perks of having the Love & Peace Project at a venue that is right next to a blimp hangar!


Good Bye, Elks!




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