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The Down The Street Bead Show

2/17/06 - 2/19/06     Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Just a glimpse of the show


Wowzeeee!! My head is still spinning from all the buzz and activity at this show!

A couple of months ago, when I first talked to Audrey and Rick (the parents of the "Down the Street Bead Shows"), I didn't realize what I was getting myself into.

Not only is this bead show on top of the list for variety, quality, price and a vast amount of beads, it also has the very best atmosphere. These people are amazing! The vendors are friendly, the show is well organized and runs smoothly and it feels like everyone is right at home.

This is an event you do not want to miss. It has so much to offer, and you can feel the warm vibes coming from all people involved.

Special thanks go to Audrey Quetier and Rick Baldwin who agreed to let the Project be a part of their wonderful "Family". Without organizers like these two, the Love & Peace Project would simply not be able to grow and take shape at its current pace.

Thank you also goes to all the dealers who dedicated beads and/or donated beads as well. Laurie B. Smith with her amazing lampwork beads, Maria, Becky from Savannah, Audrey, Rick, Rhonda, Susie, Cristina Romano from Glass & Gem, Mary from Stuart and Xie Xie to Glory Design. (If I have not recognized any vendor who helped, please shoot me an email and I'll happily include you as well. ☼♥☺)

Because of all your help and support, the Love & Peace Project grew by 158 dedicated beads!!

And not to forget Rhonda and Gary, the good folks who embraced me with their instant friendship and kept my spirits high.



Make sure you visit this Gem of a Bead Show (how was that?) the next time it is near you and be sure to stop by and say hello.

No matter if you are a professional, a beginner, hobbyist or "just" a friend being dragged along by the already addicted, You Will Find Something Good There!

Take one of the many classes being offered, shop around for pearls, beads, lamp work, stringing materials, bead making supplies, ceramic, porcelain, metal, precious gemstone and so much more. Be inspired by the beautiful work and materials you see there and fill your heart with joy and your mind with a new surge of creativity!

- Ingrid Webster


Wondering if we can fill this panel by Sunday night? (Hint: ya betcha!)


What a loving selection of beads! Linda Dunn donated these and then dedicated them too. Thank you!


Rhonda "the Saint of Beading Teachers"


Look at this little Ojime pig


...the cruelty of having choices, - but "oh" ,the fun of choosing...


Another pretty little bead combo


Each and every single bead carries a lot of meaning and we hold that memory dear and close to our hearts


...and it all started with a single bead...


Jenny Shibona, Seed bead master extraordinaire!


Here is some of Jenny's awesome work


A close up of Panels #1 and #2...


...and here are #3 and #4


...after the three day show a rewarding sunset on the way home. Our world is beautiful!



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