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Gem Show West Palm Beach

11/19 & 11/20/05     South Florida Fairgrounds



Stunning Fused Glass cabochons made by club member Frank Hecker


This is the 5th time that we had a display at the Annual Gem Show in West Palm Beach! A little Anniversary so to speak, and we could add 30 more beads to the Project.

Although it rained hard on Saturday (it's South Florida), many people came to visit that large show and had a very good time learning and buying.

Visit the website of the Gem and Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches: www.gemandmineral.cc

Maybe you would like to join that club and partake in an interesting and rewarding hobby. There are many fields of interest within, and plenty of people to share their knowledge.

*   Fossils

*   Gemstones

*   Rocks

*   Minerals

*   Beads, Pearls

*   Fused Glass, Stained Glass

*   Wire Wrapping

*   Enameling

*   Casting

*   Micromounts

*   Field Trips

*   Social Gatherings

*   Trading, Show and Tell

and many more. Stop by and experience!


Frank teaches his beautiful art of fused glass in classes held at the Gem Society


You can choose a geode and it will be cut open right in front of your eyes to reveal what mysterious beauty lies inside...


How would you like to mine for treasure?




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