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Gem Show 2003

11/15 & 11/16/03   Fairgrounds, West Palm Beach, FL



A lapidary demonstrates how to facet gem stones


The annual Gem Show at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, organized and promoted by the Gem & Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches again was a tremendous success and there were a lot of happy people who found the treasures that they were looking for.

This yearly show is really and truly the "home" of the "Love & Peace Project", because it was here where the Project was on public display first and the whole idea of showing it at an event came to life.

The dedications have been grown in number each year, and this show you dedicated 116 beads and added 13' to its length!

We really appreciate the hospitality of the Gem & Mineral Society who provide us with a place for the Project every year.

This Gem Show is a big event and there are many dealers who sell gem stones, beads, fossils, cutting rough, mineral specimen and much much more. You can buy jewelry making equipment, cabochon and faceting machines, gifts, jewelry, crystals and countless other items.

It is fun and educating to check out the demonstrations by various club members, there are so many talented people with great skills, and they are willing to share their knowledge.

The Gem & Mineral Society has a wonderful program for every skill level, age and interest, so if you enjoy a creative hobby and learning experience as well as meeting genuinely wonderful people, this club might be the organization you'll want to join. See their website for more information and visit them for a meeting to get acquainted: they love to see you there!

A very warm "Thank You" goes out to Cynthia Tanney, President of International Gems & Minerals, Inc. of Orlando, FL.

Cynthia heard about the Project and spontaneously donated six strands of gem stone beads to be used for the Project. It is so heartwarming to see how people are coming together and helping wherever they can.

We have had other people donate beads before, some of them even made beads for the Project. We will list all these on a separate page soon.


Gem & Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches, you rock!



An exciting activity for all age groups


Jack Stamper and one of his junior students making glass beads





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