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Italian Festa

10/11 & 10/12/03   Veteran's Park, Delray Beach, FL



"We found the right beads for our dedications"


The Italian Festa in Delray Beach was a very special event for the Love & Peace Project: the necklace reached the 100 ft. mark!

We added a record 158 beads, -  that is 17' and 7".

Thank you to everybody who dedicated beads, you all have been so kind and nice to talk to! You can't begin to imagine how good it makes us volunteers feel when the response is as overwhelming as it was this weekend. (...But then you always knew about that famous Italian hospitality...)

This fourth annual Festa at Veterans Park had surpassed all expectations in every way. Not only was it a breathtaking setting directly on the Intracoastal Waterway, but the entire event was organized so perfectly that it gave visitors and vendors a truly welcome feeling.

Our sincere Thank You goes to Mr. Ron Albano of the Order Sons of Italy, Delray Beach Lodge #2719. Mr. Albano not only instantaneously agreed to a place for us in the festival, he also proved to be a very efficient and hard working organizer who made sure the weekend went smooth for everybody and could be enjoyed by so many people. He also must have some kind of connection with the Weather Guy or he imported some of that "Tuscan Sun"...!

By all means, do not miss this one next year. There is something for everybody and the adjacent playground makes kids very happy as well. The entertainment is truly First Class, the performers have the most heart melting beautiful voices to please anybody's ears.

A very big "Thank You" to all of you!



Sunshine smiling upon the Festa!


"Elvis" and "Frank" were phenomenal


"I'm still looking..."


Enjoyable throughout the day...


...and exciting at night!




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