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Afternoon Beading Class

10/8 - 12/17/13    Maralago Cay, Lantana, FL



A happy bunch of ladies


Fine Jewelry With Beads


Question: What do you have when some ladies get together to take a class they have never attempted before?

Answer: A ton of fun!

The first class "Fine Jewelry With Beads" at the clubhouse of Maralago Cay was a blast for everybody who attended.

None of the students believed they could create and complete a necklace in their first lesson - all without images of patterns or designs.

Even better: they were surprised to find out that they had all the best design ideas already in their minds.

So it came that each of the students enjoyed their time amid all the heap of new information that came with the introduction to beading.

Next week we'll advance to make a multi strand project. Stay posted...


Stepping up: making a multi strand in class II


Week II

We found some hidden talent here!

Now that everybody got the hang of it already, they are having fun creating and designing. And some of the ladies wore last week's necklaces on their evening out. Good job, ladies!


Week III: a nice bracelet to go with just about any outfit


Week III

Just to notch things up a bit - the eager students learned how ro do the crosslocking technique, also widely known as "right angle weave".

See them in action in the image below and admire their talent and patience.


Week IV: Marlene wearing her freshly made earrings


Week IV

Well into their beading experience, the students have gotten bit by the bug.

The game has changed: the ladies are now talking about their bead buying adventures, the pictures of jewelry they saw in magazines, and the jewelry their friends were wearing.

A whole new world has opened up!


Amazing things are happening here


Week V

The most rewarding feeling for a teacher is, when students go home and work on a project independently. That's exactly what happened with this group, and there is a surprise item that someone made each week. Good job, ladies!


Holley can proudly show off her watch band


 Week VI

There were four students graduating today, so they received their certificates along with their yellow bracelets. Congratulations for completing the Apprentice level course!


Some new students entered the realm of beading...


Week VII

A couple of "Brave Ones" started working with Kumihimo discs to make nifty bracelets. Of course they did very well, and the following week we'll dare to add beads to the technique.


An eight warp braid is perfect to get started...


Fine Jewelry With Beads

Make your own >>


Great activity for socializing and to take pride in your creations!


Thank You Suzann, for donating these beads to the Neverending Necklace!


The "newbies" were right at home in this class


A new student joined us today


Everybody seems to look forward to joining again next week for the Fellow Level course. We'll see you there!


Sure looks like fun!


Who would have thought it would be that rewarding...?





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