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The IndieGoGo Kick Off Campaign

7/20/12 - 9/18/12   IndieGoGo.com, World Wide



The first special bead on the "Special Friends" panel - a Cultured Pearl!


Although not a conventional event where people dedicate beads, this page explains the cultured pearl dedications from the Love & Peace Project to some very special friends.

These are the people who have participated in the Crowd Sourcing Campaign to ensure the seamless continuity of the Neverending Necklace during the current weak economical period.

"I admit I'm guilty. On June 11, I have made a decision that I would open up a museum, with the timeline looming as Fall of 2013.

And I publicized it in the Neverending Necklace Group on Facebook.

While I had a very good idea how to go about funding that museum, I had forgotten about the necessary preparations and the steps that needed to be taken before that leap.

But then, that's how I roll ;-)

Never having the patience to follow directions, I ended up in the swamps more often than once.

And if I ever decide to train for a climb on Mount Everest, you can be sure that just before the peak of the mountain, I'll realize that I forgot my Oxygen bottles...

It has nothing to do with a learning curve (mine's a double helix anyways), but it is a trait that I was born with.

In short: I was planning ahead for the museum, but in the meantime I was running out of funds to work on the necklace and keep it going.

Count me in as one of the many people who are trying their luck with crowd funding.

Not that I need a fortune to continue, but my own resources for material have dried out. But I am determined to build that museum, so you can actually visit and see the entire Neverending Necklace and pass along its meaning."

- Ingrid Webster





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