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Gem Society Monthly Meeting

2/16/12    Garden Club, West Palm Beach, FL




Thank you, Gem and Mineral Society of the Palm Beaches!

Because of your February meeting, we could add 7' 8" to the Neverending Necklace.

A special Thanks goes to President Jen Ursillo. Along with her dad, Jeff, she has been supporting the project for a very long time and always makes the necklace feel welcome.

And to add some expressions of gratitude, we'd like to thank Kδrin Sexton, who invited the Neverending Necklace for this month's program. The guest she brought with her even donated her door prize: a Buddha pendant (see picture below).

However, the first door prize winner gave up his beautiful strand of colorful beads and donated it to the Love & Peace Project. Thank you, Ron Ketelaar!

And the most emotional gesture of all, that will never be forgotten: Andrea Donovan from Massachusetts donated an American Flag piece.

There is a story behind it: Andrea is a volunteer with the "Pease Greeters", a non-profit organization who greets returning troops when they land back on American soil.

These volunteers take tattered flags and cut out the stars in order to give these to the returning soldiers.

These star pieces are also handed to the departing troops - a task which is inherently more difficult for these caring volunteers.

As you can see below, this is a very loving way of welcoming our heroes upon their arrival. Kudos to this group and a friendly greeting to all you "Pease Greeters!"


The beads that were spontaneously donated by Ron Ketelaar


Your dedications as they were collected...


...and after your beads were strung


The Buddha pendant, donated by Kδrin Sexton's guest


The heart and Black Tourmaline that was given to the necklace by Andrea Donovan


This flag piece will have its own, very special section on the Neverending Necklace


A row of red wooden beads


Detail of dedicated beads




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