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A Bead Store You Loved: Gemstone & Bead Imports

They will remember you kindly!


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Gemstone & Bead Imports


This business is now closed permanently



Gemstone Beads, Findings, Pearls, Austrian Crystal

4603 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33417

(561) 687 3663

About this business:

Honors and Awards:

Associations and Memberships:

Love & Peace Activities:


Year Activity Project #
2001 donated beads The Neverending Necklace 1
2002 became sponsor Panel 6 "Each One Counts" 3
2003 donated beads The Neverending Necklace 4
2004 donated beads The Neverending Necklace 5
2005 donated beads The Neverending Necklace 6
2006 donated beads The Neverending Necklace 7
2007 donated beads The Neverending Necklace 9
2008 donated beads The Neverending Necklace 10
2016 hosted beads at the store Love to the World! 11


Heart Ratings:


Among the first sponsors, Bill, the owner of Gemstone & Bead Imports, has also the bead store with the longest tradition in Palm Beach County. Founded by his father, that store has weathered the ups and downs of the market, and it has been an avid supporter of the Neverending Necklace since 2001.

A special mention and shoutout to Linda - the friendly lady who so patiently helps with all types of beading questions.

by Ingrid Webster, Love & Peace Project


Special Features:

Bill and his famous smile, at Gemstone & Bead Imports


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