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Signature Activity for March


2nd Annual

Coming Home...

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Create a positive home environment:   Add Houses!
March 1 - 31, 2018
'Coming Home' events take place during March, but you may add houses anytime you like

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The house you keep reflects your heart inside

This is not about house cleaning or the size of your home, but rather what it means to others...

Is yours a house of pretense or a house of peace? A house where people are turned away or where everybody is welcome?

Does your family find their refuge at your house? Will your kids encounter warmth and encouragement, and will old folks feel understood and cared for?

You're the boss, so you decide. Not that easy, right?


  What will it be? Fancy fronts or simple goodness?


Fill your house with your soul, your noble thoughts

You would be surprised what a difference your attitude makes! Your intentions and actions linger in every nook, in every corner and in every molecule of your home.

It is up to you whether the house absorbs anger and contempt, or positive energy.


Why care?

Because your house IS a piece of the community too. It is where you raise your kids or where you give care to someone close to you. It's where your life takes place - day or night.

It IS your home. Fill it with the right ideas and things.

At the same time, you help create a better community, you're raising the standard.


Each house is an important part of the community where it belongs to.


What happens when you "claim" your house?

Choose a little house from the many styles available. Don't worry - it's FREE.

As soon as we receive your choice online, we build a little house. And we write inside which attributes you would like to fill it with. You may choose these when you claim your house.

At any one of the events during the month of March, you get to build a little house yourself: it is for you to keep and take home. It's a reminder of your pledge to keep a house of love, a house of peace.

You can visit your house online now, and later in person

Your house will be added to the "Village". It will inspire others and set a positive example.

Help make your community better and add positive energy to your home:

Add Houses >>

All houses that were claimed during this special incentive, will be displayed in the future Love, Peace and Beads Museum. Until the museum is ready, you can always visit your virtual house on this website.

 Visit the Village >>


Invite others to add theirs:

Share on twitter, facebook or pinterest! Tell your family and friends that you're adding a house, and what you pledge to fill it with. Let them know that they can do it too!

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Coming Home is the best feeling in the world:

Add Houses >>








Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



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