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Charity Meter


See the distribution of donations below


After March 1, 2016:

all business sponsorship fees for panels are to be donated to charities


The following Charities have received payments from the Love & Peace Project:

Date   $ Amount   Beneficiary
?   42.00   Vetsville "Cease Fire House"
?   200.00   Vetsville "Cease Fire House"
Nov./Dec. 2005   250.00   Vetsville "Cease Fire House"
11/4/2007   6.00   The Good Earth Farm
11/6/2007   2.00   The Good Earth Farm
11/11/2007   2.00   The Good Earth Farm
11/25/2007   12.00   The Good Earth Farm
12/6/2007   24.00   Autism Speaks
12/13/2007   59.00   Autism Speaks


  Vetsville "Cease Fire House"
7/4/2009   200.00  

Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue

10/31/2010   50.00   Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue
12/5/2010   20.00  

Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund

        List is being compiled. Please stay posted.


Letter from Chris Noel, Vetsville "Cease Fire House":


December 6, 2005


"On behalf of the Board of Directors and the residents of Vetsville Cease Fire House, I would like to personally thank you for your kind donation.

It is through the efforts of people like you that Vetsville is able to continue its mission of reaching out to the homeless and disabled veterans throughout America. National statistics show that on any given night there are 300,000 homeless and hungry veterans, many who are very ill, living in unacceptable conditions in the United States.

The circumstances of our time are that the number of homeless has grown to crisis proportions in South Florida. In the Palm Beach County area alone there is an estimated 2,000 homeless veterans; their needs are overwhelming.

We at Vetsville are very proud of the fact that we are in our 12th year of continuous operations, with our shelter located in Palm Beach County. Vetsville operates a drug and alcohol free program with the overall objective of returning the veterans to the social mainstream.

Once again, thank you and God bless you for supporting disabled homeless veterans."


                    Chris Noel

                    President/Founder, AFRTS Vietnam 1966-1971




Letter from Jennifer Swanson, Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue



July 30, 2009


"Dear Love & Peace Project,

Thank you so much for including Pure Thoughts in your project. Your contribution was so kind and is greatly appreciated. The horses and people of Pure Thoughts thank you for your donation to the horses. Thank you for thinking of the horses."


                    Jennifer Swanson




Donations were also sent to:

VA Hospital Riviera Beach, Oncology Department

Autism Speaks

The Good Earth Farm

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

As we are working to promote this project on a larger level, the donations are bound to increase and more charities can be added to this list.

To help a charity and get lifelong recognition:

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