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'Neverending Exposure for Your Business'

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Do people think of your business kindly?

Today more than ever, opinions count when it comes to your business. In fact, the power of social media has every business owner or CEO scratching their head, trying to keep up with the powerful voices that the world will listen to.


In today's competitive world, every sizeable corporation will make use of the influencers' ability to sway the opinion of their followers. And they pay a pretty penny for their endorsements.

So right now, regarding the public's behavior in the market place versus longevity, you're better off sticking to something positive.



...it all depends on the setting!


Your brand image should be connected to something good

The Love & Peace Project has free activities to improve human relationships. It invites people to add symbolic objects - making these into gigantic installations.

Anybody can add beads and dedicate them to someone they love. Or they may add teddy bears for forgiveness, leaves for family appreciation, little houses for a nourishing home environment, flags to reach out to strangers, and more.

All these activities become an inspiration for creating a better society. They send a positive message.


They're going to love you for your positive spirit!


 Making the World's Longest Necklace with Kindness and Love:

People dedicate beads to those they care about. These beads are then added to the necklace and mounted onto panels, like the ones below.

Their dedications are entered into the Love & Peace Journal, where they can be seen forever and by everybody.



These "Panels" are examples of individual sections


Your business can get recognition right here, right in the middle of this website, and in our future museum. It is slated to house the Neverending Necklace, as well as all the other installations and much more. Sponsor a section of the Neverending Necklace, and be seen in the museum forever!

More than that,

sponsoring a section of the Neverending Necklace goes directly to local Charity. Sponsor 1 foot of beads for ONLY $199 - help a good cause and be seen for life!


  All of the panel sponsorship fee goes to charity* 

* fully tax deductible

See what you get, starting at only $199 >>


*Sponsorships are for the duration of your business, as defined by legal terms. Payment due in full upon order of your sponsored section. In case of name and/or entity change, it is upon our discretion whether to extend the sponsorship terms.

The Love & Peace Project makes no guarantees as to count of impressions, nor will it be responsible for the maintenance of such beyond the life of its business.

Placements on third party media such as facebook, craigslist, twitter, Google+ etc. are strictly bound by their individual site owner's guidelines and can be maintained only for the duration of their respective businesses.

Please note: Panel sponsorships available until sold. Prices may be subject to change.

The panels remain property of the Love & Peace Project.

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Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



Add Beads

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