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Connect with Your Audience

Show that you care - get included for FREE!

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Leading through Example

Because you run or own a business, you're sticking your neck out further than most others would. That also carries more responsibility, as you may have known for some time. People look up to you, or at least they look at you for opinions and perhaps some guidance too.

You already know about that positive influence. Most likely you have always provided flawless service and treated your customers right.

Except for now, this goes much deeper: for the sake of a better future you must notch it up, spread that positive thinking further, be a mentor. And you're getting rewarded for it handsomely.

Oh, sweet Word-of-Mouth, sweet magical Social Media!

Give a tiny little bit of attention - get a lot in return!

Read on for the best gifts your business can ever receive.


Leaders lead from the front

Here are Your Freebies

Lots of them.

Totally FREE.

There are no strings attached whatsoever. But if you like what you see, you may spend as much as you want later - it's entirely up to you. (Let's not worry about it now, you can find out more about it some other time)

Just as promised - get your tools to further greatness

Remember when you started your business? How did you feel?

If you are like most others, you must have been excited about your dream. Creating something extraordinary. And burning inside of you, the flames of passion for whatever it is that you do best.

All along serving your customers with perfection and pride.


 Is it still there?

You still got it, right?

You still have that desire - but do you have that same commitment? Every day life causes a lot of wear and tear, and along with mileage come the first rust spots...

More important: what do your customers think? Do they feel that you've given your best?

It's THEIR opinion that shows up in your bottom line.

The power of the masses with today's technology in hand.

It's exactly this technology that can also make you a superstar!

We will magnify your relationship with your customers, and the way how they talk about your business to their friends and family. We are here to help you be recognized as a leader within your category. You'll never have to worry about promoting yourself again!

All that, in exchange for about two minutes a month. (One of your employees can do it on your behalf)

Without spending money. It's easy and free.


Act NOW - the sooner you get started, the quicker the results!!


How our Gift to you works wonders

Each month, we host a specific free "Signature Activity", designed to bring more kindness back again. You'll get an email reminding you of the activity for the month. It's online and convenient.

Simply participate - it'll only take a couple of minutes.

With each entry, your name and your business gets listed as a participant. Each and every time.

This repeated activity demonstrates your positive attitude over and over again, improving greatly the relationship with your customers.

Your entry can be seen right here on this site, and on our facebook page as well as on Twitter. Giving you free exposure and recognition for your leadership.

And if you take this pledge to make yours a kinder business, you'll get a free page within this site to showcase what you offer.

Be listed in our Directory, where everybody can see that you understand the power of love.

You'll be in good company.

Take the pledge to run your business with passion and compassion >>



You see, it never was "Business vs. Consumer" in the first place. The secret is harmony between you and your customers. Understanding, caring, love... just like in real life.

Back in the days, a small business owner went out of his way to make the customer happy, no matter what he/she had to do. After all, you lived in the same town, you knew the same people, your kids played together. Everybody recognized your storefront. There was no room for a low profile existence - business owners were the heart of the community.

As it ought to be. Still today.

Be that leader now!

Show 'em that you do what you preach: show off your good side... there is nothing to lose!

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The Signature Activities:

Fun to participate, while giving you inspiration (and exposure) during the entire year

 Add Rocks Add Flags Add Houses Add Stars
Add Prayers Add Leaves Add Summer Beads Add Quotes
Add Bears Add Grapes Add Thanks Add Ornaments 


The "Power of Love" is a good ally to have:

It's the next "big thing" and the best option for our future. You don't need a crystal ball to see where we're headed, if we don't figure out how to get along on this planet.

Just because love is all we know, we're also very good at spreading love around. You should become a sponsor.

Good sponsored content reinforces the relationship with your customers, lets them get to know you better. And it secures your place as a community leader. Try it out!

Learn more >>

Not to be arrogant, but... we don't accept advertising money from just anybody. Please don't be offended if we use a little research to select sponsoring businesses for a good fit. It makes for an authentic site experience for all.

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Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



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