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Randy Lewis, a Soldier of Life

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Retired linen worker and Vietnam vet, Randy Lewis, rises at 3AM. Its not to go to a job or to get in a really early morning jog. Rather, its to start making the burritos that have been being prepared during other days leading up to this one. Later in the day; now with bags of clothing, shampoos, soaps, and of course, Burritos; he gathers his platoon of other volunteers who all have worked hard during the week in preparing for this twice weekly event. Randy heads out into the parks of Lake Worth, FL. His battle is no longer against another man trying to take his life. It is now aimed at serving mankind; trying to save one more life. For whatever reasons, people have been pushed out of their homes and left on the streets to fend for themselves. A solder is there to meet them, to feed them, to clothe them, to give them soap...and hope.
During the week, when he isn't feeding others, he is educating others about the Burrito Project, the non-profit that is behind men and women like Randy.
Randy's tour of duty takes him by the same coffee shop I frequent. Once in awhile we meet. His heart is broken from seeing another person fall to addiction. Maybe someone else has died. He needs sleeping bags because the blankets are getting blown off of the people sleeping on the ground.
Then there is the glimmers of hope. Someone asked him to pray with him this day.  Someone was able to get a job. Someone was able to get into a home. Randy's heart is still aching though because he still is there on the battleground and despite the victories, he still sees the remaining victims who still need him.
Up at 3AM again to take on the world.


Posted on 12/3/2017

Submitted by: Vincent Prescott, The Bamboo Room


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