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Sheryel - Kind to People and Animals

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    Michelle and Archie (Image by and courtesy of Sheryel Ashfort)    


From Sheryel's Facebook post:

[reposted with permission]

"Hey guys meet Michelle and Archie, can't tag her I am sure she's not on Facebook I decided to go to LakeWorth Beach today and almost there I stopped for gas. There on the sidewalk at the Texaco station was Michelle and a panting hot Archie. She was trying to sooth him. Lucky for me I had some dry food in the car and offered it for him all she had was water. I went to the beach but couldn't get them out of my mind.I went back and asked if I could get them food and she cried with joy.I went to publix and got her a chicken dinner and Archie plenty of dog food. However I really don't feel better. She showed me the park where the homeless stay until 10:00 when they're kicked out. Then they sleep where they can. Michelle's dream is a bed and a shower, seems simple ? There were about 30 homeless in that park. It's between Lake Ave and Lucerne at Federal if you want to help with food, clothes or shelter. Michelle says there's no homeless shelters around. How can we throw food out by the tons , send Millions of dollars to other Countries and Michelle and Archie are homeless and starving. I know people will say drugs, Alcohol and I it may be true but they are Homeless!! If you work in or have a restaurant please send these people food and if you're connected to a shelter please tell them to help.. For Michelle and Archie Please everyone near this South Fl area share this post."

If you're in this area/neighborhood - please keep a watch on those two, if you can and when you can.

For everybody else: it's ok to bring food to a homeless person. They get hungry just the same as you and I, and it's only a couple of dollars to get someone a warm meal.


Posted on 11/13/2016

Submitted by: Love & Peace Project [not eligible for the prize drawing]


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