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Be More

The BM Initiative

In Memory of Robert W. Michel


You always learn from other people.

And if you choose to apply what you've been taught, you can BE MORE.


Spring into action! Don't rely on somebody else to create a noble society.

It's time to recognize that we must help each other, stick together!


Your Story Matters...

Be featured here.

Or give someone else the spotlight - there are many who deserve to be recognized for their good deeds!


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Helping someone? Don't know what to say to them?


Or can't return a favor, but want to pass it on?


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Did you know that there are certain aspects to consider, when helping someone?


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Love Stories

Each contribution will be considered for the "Love & Peace Hall of Fame" Awards

These are recollections of extraordinary, spontaneous, or unexpected acts of kindness.


Not that you need to be shown how to do good, because it is already there... coming from deep within your heart.

However, they may encourage others. And they confirm that we are indeed, brothers and sisters.

Sheryel - Kind to People and Animals    Percy Ross, the Newspaper Columnist    John & Barbara and Lots of Love    David and the Ice Cream Truck
Nathan and Karen of "Quit Smoking Community"   Volunteers for the "American Cancer Society"   Edward Rodriguez makes America smile   The Deliberate Plant Lover


"This initiative was started in loving memory of, and to honor a very dear and special person. Whether it was during his time in the Vietnam war, as a dedicated Police officer, or as a trusted friend - he always chose to help others any way he could.

I always thought of him as the "Equalizer", fighting for the defenseless and jumping into uncharted waters to save a soul. Standing up against the suffering in this world, but promoting justice, honesty and the good of man.

Bob Michel has helped spontaneously when we needed it most. Sadly, he passed away before we could reciprocate.

But because he was great in teaching through his actions, his legacy will live on. By applying the "pay it forward" principle, Bob is still doing his work..."

                                                                                                                                                    - Ingrid Webster

BM stands for:

Be More

Bob Michel

Benefit Mankind

Believe Maxims

Bring Miracles

Bold & Mighty

Behave Maturely

Become Meaningful

Beget Magic

Blessed Messenger

Build Moral

Brave Master

Benevolent Movement

Brilliant Megastar


Every minute and every second is an opportunity to be a better person. Your life becomes more meaningful, when you make an effort to improve a bit each day.

You'll see your value rise, you become happier.

There is a true need out there: many people in all walks of life can use help at some time or another. And you don't necessarily have to spend money. Often, a little gesture of kindness is all it takes to make someone's day. Or a word of support, a warm meal, a little time to listen.

Just be mindful of people's needs around you, and do what you can.

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Leading a gentle rebellion for a kinder world



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